Is Bad Bunny‘s, 29, ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz still living in his head rent-free? After hearing his new album “Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana,” some fans certainly seem to think so.

Okay, so let’s back up. The Puerto Rican reggaetonero released his new album last Friday, which many are saying “is for his trap fans.” The new project certainly brings to mind his trap music era, and we’re obsessed with bangers like “Monaco,” the Bryant Myers-assisted “Seda,” and “Fina” — which is probably about Kendall Jenner, 27 (more on that soon).

The album is slick, cool, and a wild ride through fun collabs with artists like Young Miko, 24, and tons of monologues about hating fame. Yes, Bad Bunny gets very real: on “Telefono Nuevo,” he sings, “I detest fame, I swear, I didn’t want this.”

And while Benito may be thinking about his life before fame, he might also be reminiscing on his relationship during that time. We’re talking about Bad Bunny’s ex, Carliz De La Cruz, whom he dated from 2011 to around 2016. The two reportedly met while working at the same grocery store, and Benito actually proposed to her in 2016 before she called off the engagement that same year.

Now, fans think Benito mentions De La Cruz more than once in the new album.

Here’s everything to know about the new album’s references to De La Cruz, Bad Bunny’s other (alleged) ex-girlfriend, Gabriela Berlingeri, 29, and his probable new flame, Kendall Jenner.

Fans think Bad Bunny shades ex-girlfriend Carliz De La Cruz on his new album

You may remember when news broke in March about De La Cruz filing a lawsuit against Bad Bunny. She sued the singer for $40 million, alleging that he used her voice recordings without permission in his 2022 song “Dos Mil 16” and 2017 single “Pa’ Ti.”

In both songs, you can hear her iconic 2015 voice note recording of “Bad Bunny, baby.”

De La Cruz said that a Bad Bunny representative initially offered her $2,000 for the recording, and then upped the deal to $20,000. She denied the offer — but the singer still used her recording in 2022’s “Dos Mil 16.”

The lawsuit stated that the unauthorized use of her voice was “an attack on her privacy, morals and dignity.” The suit also mentioned that it caused De La Cruz “to feel worried, anguished, intimidated, overwhelmed and anxious,” and that she had to seek psychological help.

Not much is known about Bad Bunny’s response, or what has happened regarding the lawsuit since then. However, Benito seems to have just referenced De La Cruz — and that lawsuit — in a new song.

As outlined in a TikTok video, Bad Bunny may call out ex-girlfriend De La Cruz for the lawsuit in his new track “Los Pits.” He sings, “Yesterday’s newspaper, please, don’t bother me. Now these [people] sue me because they saw me in Forbes.”

“Now you got your sound,” he continues. “I hope you’re satisfied.” Oof.

In the same track, he also references his 2019 song “Ni Bien Ni Mal,” which famously talks about a prior relationship. He brings back the lyrics, “Me ca*o en tu madre y la de tu abogado,” translated to, “[Expletive] your mother and your lawyer.”

We also get a new twist on the 2019 lyrics, “Sin ti no me va bien, tampoco me va mal,” or, “Without you, I’m not doing well, I’m not bad either.” Nope — now we have a whole other Benito. This time around, “Los Pits” gives us the lyrics: “Without you I’m not well, I’m doing phenomenal.” Okay, then!

Listeners think the “Safaera” singer mentions his ex at least one more time in the new album

While the lyrics to “Los Pits” seem like una indirecta muy directa, the singer doesn’t stop there.

As pointed out by another TikTok user, Bad Bunny may also reference De La Cruz in his new song, “No Me Quiero Casar.”

He sings, “Once I was going to get married. Thank God I didn’t, but wow, almost.”


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De La Cruz’s lawsuit this year revealed that Bad Bunny asked De La Cruz to marry him on January 1, 2016, and they planned their wedding (!) for July 2016. De La Cruz allegedly broke up with the singer just two months before their wedding date.

Here’s a second listen of that part of the song, with added throwback photos of the former couple:

As one X user wrote, “Bad Bunny going back to his 2016 trap era” and the De La Cruz lawsuit is “wild.”

Others seem to think Benito should maybe stop shading his ex:

Others, though? Well, they can’t stop looking back at Benito and Carliz’s old photos and videos, even listening to his song, “Si Estuviésemos Juntos,” which may be about her, too:

And, in case you’re wondering, De La Cruz may have responded to Bad Bunny’s alleged shade on the new album. Fans posted screen recordings of her Instagram Stories (ah, internet sleuths), which show how she posted a selfie with the song “Banda de Camión” by El Alfa.

The lyrics? “Dame, dame banda,” which translates to “Forget me,” or “Leave me alone.”

As one X user wrote, “Bad Bunny threw horrible shade at [De La Cruz] in ‘Los Pits,’ and she uploaded a photo with the caption, ‘Dame Banda.’ This novela is great.”

All we know? If De La Cruz gets married one day, we’re probably getting a very intense Benito album:

The reggaetonero also mentioned his maybe-ex Gabriela Berlingeri, as well as Kendall Jenner

But wait! There’s more!

Bad Bunny may have dated Puerto Rican jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri from around 2017 to circa 2022. The singer usually kept quiet about their relationship during these years, except in a 2020 Rolling Stone interview, where he said: “I am with someone, she is very special in my life… This quarantine has made me understand that she is the best companion I could have.”

However, by July 2022, Bad Bunny posted an Instagram Live video where he stated, “Gabriela Berlingeri and I are super close friends, best friends, besties, no one knows we are best friends.”

“If she wants to have a boyfriend she can, because we’re best friends,” he added at the time. “Just as if I want to have a girlfriend I can, because we’re best friends.”

Still, the singer also mentioned Berlingeri at least once in the new album — and the reference is actually very cute.

In his new song, “Acho PR,” Bad Bunny gets real: “Thank you God for putting Jan, Noah, and Gabriela in my path.” By that lyric, Benito seems to be talking about creative director and friend, Janthony Oliveras, his manager, Noah Assad, and yes, Gabriela Berlingeri.

This reference also sent fans into a frenzy, calling the mention their “Roman Empire.” LOL:

Is this a real-life depiction of Bad Bunny and Berlingeri’s relationship timeline? All we know is that we know nothing:

And many see the lyrics as proof Berlingeri will “always” have the singer’s heart… even if they’re just “besties”:

One more reference? Well, it’s a very real possibility that Benito’s new track “Fina” is about his possible new flame, Kendall Jenner.

In the track, Bad Bunny sings, “Everyone talks, but they are spectators. They ask how we communicate, but it’s better if we don’t tell them.”

As you may have seen on social media, many fans have questioned the duo’s possible relationship, and if they have a language barrier.

Well, to that, Bad Bunny seems to get pretty frank on the song. “Tell them that we connected from the start,” he sings, while also alluding to them getting intimate (spoiler alert — a lot).

He also says his beloved “wins” at being more “bellaco” than him… and even alludes to having sex with her at “her sister’s house.” Are these just random lyrics or did this happen at one of the Kardashians’ homes? The world will never know!

“Fina” definitely has Jenner’s name written all over it: