If you caught Bad Bunny’s Grammy Awards performance last night, you know it was an electric, bomba y plena-filled, Boricua-empowering tour de force.

Singing a mash-up of hits like “El Apagón” and “Después De La Playa,” the superstar showcased a diverse group of dancers and musicians, made Taylor Swift dance to reggaeton, and most importantly— showed the world Puerto Rican power to the hilt. As one Twitter user wrote, it was “so much more than just ‘Latin flavor’,” it was unapologetic, in-your-face, and beautiful.

While the performance was epic, two unexpected, small details set social media ablaze

One thing that wasn’t on our bingo card for Bad Bunny’s performance, though? The star debuting a possible wedding ring — and a new, pretty-romantic tattoo. As expected, fans are freaking out — and by fans, we also mean us.

Okay, so let’s start with the “wedding ring,” which may just be a ring on that finger… on that hand. Hm. You can see it here in this snap of the star accepting his award for Best Música Urbana Album (honorable mention to his backwards cap):

As expected, Conejo Malo fans are going crazy over the silver ring, and want answers stat. One Twitter user questioned, “Why is no one talking about bad bunny’s wedding ring???” while another chimed in, “Wait wait. Bad Bunny has a wedding ring on?! 👀👀”

This isn’t the first time marriage rumors swirl

While Bad Bunny’s ring is surprising, it’s not the first time people have suspected he is married— or at least engaged. Back in May 2020, the singer posted a photo on Instagram with a gold ring on that finger, sending fans into a frenzy. This came just around the same time as his now-iconic Rolling Stone interview, where he talked about his then-confirmed partner Gabriela Berlingeri.

The “Callaíta” star told the outlet: “I am with someone, she is very special in my life… This quarantine has made me understand that she is the best companion I could have.” He also explained that Berlingeri helped him “a lot in emotional aspects” when he “needed it the most.”

Then, by August, Berlingeri posted a video on Instagram wearing a gorgeous diamond ring, so naturally — fans freaked out again:

Later that year, he denied being married — and by 2022, things changed altogether

That being said, by November 2020, Bad Bunny told ET he wasn’t married, but didn’t deny being engaged. He explained, “Maybe it can be that. But I think that weddings and get[ting] married scare me.” Then, there was that “Titi Me Preguntó” video in June 2022 featuring the singer and Berlingeri getting married… but by July, the singer said they were just “besties” and not together.

In an IG Live video, the singer explained: “Gabriela Berlingeri and I are super close friends, best friends, besties, no one knows we are best friends.” He continued, “Right now we are best friends. If she wants to have a boyfriend she can, because we’re best friends, just as if I want to have a girlfriend I can, because we’re best friends.” Oh.

See the tattoo for yourself— is it a tribute to Berlingeri or not?

Confusing, right? We agree! Fast-forward to this past weekend, and things got even hazier. Why? Bad Bunny didn’t just have a possible wedding ring on during his Grammys performance— he also showcased a new tattoo that’s most probably a loving tribute to Berlingeri.

As the “Dakiti” star showed the Grammys audience all his Boricua magic, his forearm told another story altogether. Fans suddenly got a glimpse of his new tattoo, which may depict Berlingeri’s eyes. See (and decide!) for yourself:

Here’s another close-up:

While the debate is out on whether the tattoo is actually a tribute to Berlingeri’s eyes or not, it sure is pretty similar. As one fan wrote on Twitter: “Did bad bunny have a tattoo of GABYS EYES ON HIS ARM and A WEDDING BAND??? i’m soo confused.” Another agreed: “Bad bunny got a tattoo of gabby’s eyes???🥹😍” Alternatively, for whoever’s a zodiac fan, we’ll just leave this here:

Also, just sayin’, Bad Bunny loves symbolic tattoos. As Twitter account @BadBunnyDynamic posted, this may not be his first tattoo about Gabriela, and has other tattoos relating to Puerto Rico and his music career. The plot thickens— and all of us are scratching our heads.