Laughter is not only the best medicine but also a very profitable business. Gabriel Iglesias is one of the industry’s most beloved Latino comedians. His packed touring schedule across the country speaks volumes about his talent and, according to The List, his net worth is $40 million.

In a recent interview on the show “All Good Things Podcast with Jason Nash,” the star, also known as ‘Fluffy Iglesias,’ discussed his fees for private performances, stating his current position allows him to decline highly paid gigs.

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@Gabriel Iglesias turns down $200,000 for a birthday party #fluffy #netflixisajoke

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“I read something to hire you for a birthday party. It’s anywhere from $135,000 to $250,000,” Nash states. To which Iglesias replied that he would only do private events if they had a “specific” setup, including a stage and a place where people could enjoy the show.

However, he will “not be the toy” just for earnings.

Iglesias shared he declines highly paid gigs when they don’t match his vibes

The Mexican-American comedian emphasized that his work extends beyond financial matters, emphasizing he has turned down substantial offers for private parties that don’t match his energy.

“I have turned down a lot of money because it didn’t feel right,” he said. “If I’m doing a private show with a legit stage, and they set the seating up conducive to a comedy show, I’m all about it.”

Additionally, he shared a story about someone wanting to hire him for a birthday party to distribute presents, add humor, and sing “Happy Birthday” to a wealthy individual at a luxurious hotel in New York City.

Although they offered him $200K, which even his manager saw as easy money, he declined. As Iglesias said, he didn’t want to feel like a “toy”, being recorded for social media and potentially becoming the butt of jokes.

“I turned it down because I’m in the position I am in,” he said. “Now you catch Gabriel Iglesias in 1997, and he would have been very humorous; I would have wrapped the gifts, opened it for them.”

Fans applauded the comedian’s humility and integrity in his work on social media

Of course, fans of the actor and producer didn’t take long to react to his statements on how he became one of the highest-paid comedians on Netflix.

On YouTube, some admire how fame has kept his personality the same. “This was great! I love how the fame never went to his head. He has always remained humble and just normal. Good job picking his brain, Jason,” one user wrote.

Another added: “Aw, Fluffy has his son’s contact as Baby Fluff Loved this podcast. Gabe will forever be my favorite comedian. Always humble and so kind.”

Meanwhile, on TikTok, many admire that his integrity isn’t for sale to the highest bidder. “I respect him for having a level of integrity I cannot fathom having in myself,” commented a person.

While another user added, “That’s actually kind of disrespectful. That person treated him like he was an attraction at a carnival. Morals over money.”

On Instagram, someone said, “I will jump on the table handing out gifts and do a headstand and cartwheels on the way in. He is better than I.”