Actor and comic Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias threw his chihuahua an extravagant Quinceañera and the internet has mixed feelings about it. All in all, Iglesias spent six figures on his pup Risa, a 4-pound bundle of tremble who’s actually 16 or 17, according to Today. Regardless, many people are wondering why the comic decided to throw this party.

Why did Fluffy throw a party for his fluffy friend?

He might be known as a funny man, but Fluffy’s love for Risa is serious business, as evidenced by an Instagram post wherein he wheels Risa past all of her guests in a carriage and one of three custom-made dresses.

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The dresses were designed by Marybel Pineda, Iglesias’ official director of operations. All in all, there were about 300 guests in attendance, 12 of whom brought their own dogs with them. Iglesias also invited a band, a DJ, and giant robot men to roam around the dance floor.

He also hired Christian and Scooby, a man-dog duo who originally appeared on “America’s Got Talent,” to perform at the party.

The irresistibly lovable Gabriel Iglesias catches some flack…

We get it: dogs are our best friends and we love them very much. Many of Fluffy’s fans were thrilled by his decision to give Risa the celebration she deserves!

However, some commenters aren’t happy with how much he spent on Risa’s big day. Of course, it’s his money and he should spend it how he wants. Even still, the internet will react as the internet often does — with many opinions.

Some of Fluffy‘s followers even tried to give him a little perspective. In fact, the top comment on his original post reads:

“I understand you love your dog but in times like these it makes me sad that most of America can’t afford food or gifts for Christmas this year and your dog gets a $100,000 party,” wrote user rklamore. “You are a funny guy but it wasn’t for the people loving your comedy and buying tickets and merchandise that party would not have been possible.”

They added, “Nothing but love for you but I’m sorry I can’t stand to see this and others like the Kardashians flaunting their wealth in front of the less fortunate.”

Fluffy stands by his baby girl

As for how Fluffy feels about the whole thing, he’s aware of how silly it might seem from the outside looking in. “I went full blown and people say, ‘Oh, you wasted money,’ but it’s like, no,” he said to Today. “I’m celebrating something that means the world to me.”

He further justified the party’s hefty price tag, saying, “I’m not setting money on fire every day. But this particular night, yes. So I spared no expense.” He added, “It was a very expensive night, but very memorable.”

Iglesias acknowledged how little Risa cared about the celebration, saying, “I think Risa’s favorite part was when everybody left and I took her to Jack in the Box to get chicken nuggets.”