Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias just pulled off a career highlight. The Mexican-American comedian, who is known for his stand-up specials like “I’m Not Fat… I’m Fluffy” and “Hot and Fluffy,” just sold out Dodger Stadium for his upcoming show on May 7.

Fluffy took to his Instagram page to celebrate the accomplishment, posting a picture with the words “Sold Out” emblazoned across the top. “Thank you,” he captioned the picture, accompanied by a smiley face. “Now it’s time for me to put on the biggest show of my life.”

Fluffy also released a statement about the news, saying he was “humbled” and “honored.”

“From growing up watching my favorite players at Dodger Stadium, to being the first comedian to perform and sell-out Dodger Stadium, I am humbled, honored and grateful for the love shown to me from the fans and City of Los Angeles,” he said.

When Iglesias referred to his upcoming Netflix set as the “biggest show of his life,” he was not exaggerating. While the Dodger Stadium can fit 56,000 people, they made 45,000 seats available for Fluffy’s May 7 show. That means 45,000 people bought tickets to see “Netflix Is A Joke Presents: Gabriel ‘Fluffy’ Iglesias” — a monumental amount.

Iglesias’s May 7 show is part of Netflix’s upcoming 11-night comedy festival, “Netflix Is A Joke” that consists of different shows in Los Angeles performed by different superstar comedians.

The festival’s lineup includes heavyweights like Dave Chapelle, Chris Rock, Ali Wong and Jerry Seinfeld. Notably, Fluffy will be the comedian kicking off the tour — an honor in itself.

And despite Iglesias being up against true legends of the comedy industry, he is blowing the other comedians out of the water in terms of sales. His success just proves how hard Angelenos ride for the home-grown comedian.

Not only is Iglesias the first comedian to sell out Dodger Stadium, but he is the first comedian to perform there, period.

Last year, when it was announced that Iglesias would take on this history-making show, he was candid about how much this opportunity meant to him.

“It means more than anything,” Fluffy said on The Cruz Show back in December. “The fact that it’s at home — this is the biggest show of my life and it’s happening at home. If it goes well, awesome. If I bomb, then it’s a short drive.”

While on The Cruz Show, he also revealed that friends and fellow Latino comedians, Martin Moreno and Alfred Robles, will be part of the show.