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By this point, you may have heard that the classic 1992 film “The Bodyguard” is going to get a modern day remake. We know, we know–cue the groans. Whenever there is a remake of a legendary film, people always say the same thing: Where’s the originality? Why mess with perfection? Can’t people just leave well enough alone? Well, this is Hollywood, folks. And Hollywood has been recycling tried-and-true IP since the silent era.

This is where things get interesting. “The Bodyguard” remake is being written by Latino, Tony-winning playwright Matthew López and he says that, this time around, the main character of the movie will be Latina.

Say what? Yes, you heard that right! The character so iconically portrayed by Whitney Houston almost 30 years ago will be a Latina queen in this remake. As López told Variety: “When Warner Bros. approached me about the idea, I quickly said I would but I wanted the protagonist to be Latina. They agreed to that.”

He continued: “Instead of focusing on an established star like the one Whitney Houston played, this is about a young Latina performer who has just become famous. It’s about how her life has changed because she is an overnight sensation. In the 21st century, that means she’s in immediate need of protection. It was important to me to use this opportunity to get Latin faces up on that screen and to get their stories told in a big way.”

With that in mind, we’ve brainstormed a few multi-talented Latina stars we could totally see playing the role of Rachel Marron (Raquel Marrón?). Take a look at our choices below!

1.Leslie Grace

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After seeing her sing, dance, and act in “In the Heights”, we could totally imagine this Dominican beauty as a young Latina performer who just became famous. After all…she is a young Latina performer who just became famous.

2. Selena Gomez

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Selena Gomez has shown us again and again that she has the star power to keep fans captivated. Not only does she have a successful singing career with several hit albums under her belt, but she’s also a great actress.

3. Ariana DeBose

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Ariana DeBose might not be a household name yet, but, soon, she will be. This Puerto Rican goddess will be starring in the “West Side Story” remake as Anita–the role that won Rita Moreno her Oscar. This talented young woman has Broadway, movie, and TV experience, so she’s definitely ready for a role of this caliber.

4. Isabela Merced

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You many know Isabela Merced as “Dora the Explorer”, but the Peruvian performer is so much more than that. In 2020, Merced released her debut EP, “The Better Half of Me”–a Spanish-English pop album that cemented her as a true triple-threat.

5. Sofia Carson

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Like Selena Gomez, Colombian-American Sofia Carson spent her childhood years on the Disney Channel. She hasn’t yet graduated from child star to mainstream adult actress, yet, but a starring role in “The Bodyguard” remake would change all that.

6. Tessa Thompson

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Panamanian-Mexican actress Tessa Thompson has long been rumored to star in a “Bodyguard Remake” with her frequent co-star, Chris Hemsworth. Seeing as the screenwriter specifically requested a Latina, she very well might be in the running!

7. Cardi B

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We know, this one sounds crazy, but we weren’t the ones to come up with it! Rumors of Cardi B starring in a “Bodyguard” remake have been floating around for a while. Earlier this month, outlets were reporting that the Dominicana rapper was in talks to star in a remake with none other than Channing Tatum. We’d have to see this on to believe it.