Eagerly gearing up for the Super Bowl LVIII game airing this Sunday, February 11? Well, you’re not alone.

While we’re placing bets on either the San Francisco 49ers or Kansas City Chiefs (we only accept bets in Hot Cheeto currency, thanks), we’re also… just in it for the vibes. After all, Super Bowl Sunday comes with delicious snacks, family time, and yes, commercials we actually want to watch!

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The best part about this year’s game, though? Well, now that TelevisaUnivision will air the Super Bowl for the first time, we’re not just getting a Spanish-language broadcast— we’re getting tons of Spanish commercials, too. In fact, according to AdWeek, brands like TurboTax, Totino’s, Total by Verizon, and Nissan are all running Spanish ads this year.

Many of those brands have already released their Spanish Super Bowl commercials, and let’s just say they all keep things interesting. Ahead, find all the ads we know about so far, and prepare to get even more pumped for game day.

Brands like Nissan, Total by Verizon and TurboTax are set to air full-Spanish Super Bowl ads

First off, a must-watch Super Bowl ad this year is Nissan’s “El Test Drive” commercial featuring “Saturday Night Live” star Marcello Hernandez, 26, and band Grupo Frontera.

Nissan pre-released the ad this week on YouTube, and it’s epic. We get Hernandez talking to his friend in Spanish about his new Nissan Pathfinder while eating at a diner. Describing his test-drive before buying the vehicle, the comedian explains, “We’re driving, I play a little reggaeton for [salesman] Jimmy, and then my abuelita calls me.”

What happens next is a whirlwind of picking up his abuelita, sister, and tío all while still on the test-drive. Grupo Frontero then appears at the diner, clearly invested in the story, too:

Another Spanish Super Bowl commercial we’re obsessed with? Total by Verizon’s “Totalmente” ad, which was directed by half-Venezuelan “SNL” alum Fred Armisen, 57. As you can see in the pre-released video, the commercial starts with a couple speaking in Spanish while at a restaurant.

The woman tells her partner in a telenovela tone, “I don’t know how to speak to you.” Her partner hilariously replies, “Cariño, it’s easy. I changed to Total by Verizon.” An even funnier twist, though? The actor then breaks into song, singing a version of Elvis Crespo‘s “Suavemente”— and recreates the iconic music video, too. “Neverita” by Bad Bunny, who?

As you can hear in the video, the actor sings “Suavemente” but switches the lyric to “Totalmente,” singing lines like: “Totalmente, call me, with an unlimited plan from $25 a month.” He adds, “Change plans, suavemente, and save a few pesos.” Why is this song so catchy no matter the lyrics?

Guatemalan actor Arturo Castro, 38, also makes an appearance in the ad, describing his time on set as “such a pleasure.” Meanwhile, Armisen said his “mom will be very proud” of his work.

Moreover, TurboTax is also set to feature a Spanish-language commercial during TelevisaUnivision’s Super Bowl programming. While we’re not sure which ad the company will end up going with, it recently released this Spanish-language commercial:

In the ad, a young woman named Barbara “breaks the tradition of four generations” to leave her family’s panadería behind— and become a perfumer. Meanwhile, another recent Spanish TurboTax commercial shows us a Latino couple who have a surprise wedding:

Yet another company featuring Latinos (and a bit of Spanish) in their Super Bowl ad? Michelob ULTRA, which brought in none other than Lionel Messi, 36, to give us the most epic commercial ever:

In the upcoming beachside Super Bowl commercial, titled “Superior Beach,” Messi really wants an ice-cold glass of beer. He tells the bartender, “Hola,” and points to the Michelob ULTRA draft beer dispenser. However, the beer runs out— and soon Messi is doing what he does best, kicking his soccer ball through the beach.

As one X user wrote about the soccer icon’s ad appearance, “Messi’s utter refusal to force out even a ‘hello’ and do a Super Bowl ad in pure [Spanish from Rosario, Argentina] is just awe-inspiring.”

Another brand reportedly releasing a Spanish Super Bowl commercial? Frozen pizza (and pizza roll) brand Totino’s. We’re not sure what they have up their sleeve, but it might be this recent ad. We love their idea of what it’s like to “hanguear” with your bestie:

And last but not least, Metro by T-Mobile will also air a commercial during the Spanish-language broadcast. We’re not sure if it will fully be in Spanish, but it seems like Puerto Rican actor Luis Guzmán, 67, might star in it?


That was definitely Luis Guzmán… pero, qué hay con el scooter? Find out durante el big game… or maybe antes…

♬ original sound – Metro by T-Mobile

There will also be elotes and guacamole, so we’re in:


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♬ original sound – Metro by T-Mobile