It’s not every day you get to chat with merengue icon Elvis Crespo, but that’s exactly what happened at L.A.’s Bésame Mucho festival.

mitú caught up with the singer, who told us he’s dreaming of a collab with Marco Antonio Solis. Even more? He thinks “a cold beer” is the best party drink (agreed!).

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mitú spoke to Crespo about his tips for artists starting out — and hopeful collabs

Thanks to Hulu’s Acentos Bienvenidos Mobile Pop-Up, mitú got a major exclusive with the Puerto Rican singer, who talked to us about the music biz, hopeful collabs, and his favorite song to play. It’s no secret his set at Saturday’s Bésame Mucho festival was a success, singing dance-ready tracks like “Suavemente” and a cover of Bad Bunny’s “Neverita.”

With Hulu’s pop-up highlighting their “Acentos Bienvenidos: Con Cafe” social media series, which brings together Latinx talent to talk identity and representation, our interview with Crespo couldn’t have been more perfect.

Photo by Sophia Juliette via Hulu/ Besame Mucho Festival

While Crespo’s set was enough to make us smile from ear-to-ear, he was joined by other incredible acts like Juanes, Enanitos Verdes, Julieta Venegas, and Los Tigres Del Norte. With sets ranging all the way from Sin Bandera to Los Angeles Azules, it’s no wonder the festival had such a stellar turn-out.

Bésame Mucho had the dreamiest lineup

As one attendee told NBC News, “It was a perfect lineup, it really hit a chord.” Plus, “You [could] take your parents to this huge festival to see their favorites and then you [could] also see your favorites.”

In short, Bésame Mucho festival was Latin music heaven and we’re already pumped for next year!

Crespo felt “honored” to be a part of the festival

The merengue singer explained to mitú that he is “thankful to God” for his talents, and getting him to where he is today. Crespo also said he was “honored” to be a part of the festival.

He even gave a few tips for aspiring musicians just starting out. The singer said, “Be disciplined, talent isn’t everything. You have to wake up early, believe in yourself.”

Crespo said even loved ones can give you “doubts” about your career path, but it’s all about believing in your path. Moreover, creating a “unique sound” is crucial. As per the singer, it’s all about “being yourself.”

The singer’s favorite song to play live is unexpected

We even got the inside scoop on Crespo’s favorite song to play. If you thought it was “Suavemente,” you’re not alone — but plot twist, it’s not. The New York-born star told mitú that “La Noche” is his all-time fave. “The song definitely changed my life.”

About possible collaborations, Crespo said he would love to make a song with Puerto Rican salsa orchestra El Gran Combo. Another dream collab? Marco Antonio Solis. He explained, “I love what he does.” We need a “Suavemente”/”Si Tu No Te Hubieras Ido” mash-up stat!

And while Crespo sang “Neverita” by Bad Bunny for festival go-ers, he also talked to us about what he keeps in his own neverita at parties. “You’ll have a great time with a very cold beer in your fridge.” Noted!