“Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan” became an iconic lyric the minute Shakira sang it during her Bizarrap session— and now it’s immortalized forever. The star recently unveiled a new sweatshirt as part of her official merch collection, and its a rainbow-brite, fierce dream. The best part of the new merch? Shakira’s own niece Isabella Mebarak designed it herself — so there’s no doubt both of them are facturando right about now. We love to see it!

Everything to know about the meaningful sweatshirt design

As you can see in Shakira’s Twitter announcement, the star’s limited edition sweatshirt has the legendary “Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan” lyric at the front. It also features a drawing of the singer during her Bizarrap session, headphones, hoodie, and all. The coolest part of the design? In it, Shakira is crying tears— but they’re actually money signs. Genius.

The $60 sweatshirt reportedly first sold out in hours, but has since come back in stock on Shakira’s website. The unisex clothing item consists of cotton and polyester, and includes a size range from S to 2XL. Plus, as per the description, Isabella Mebarak proudly designed it.

Shakira’s niece is low-key, simply showing her love for creating art

Shakira’s niece is decidedly low-key, not mentioning her very-famous aunt (or the sweatshirt she designed!) anywhere on social media. That being said, one thing is for sure — as an artist, she loves to paint and design her unique creations.

Mebarak has a website where she sells her art, including both prints and stickers. She has all kinds of prints, ranging from insects, to street corners, a “bad” gummy bear, hands, a “Goochie” object which references the similar-sounding brand, and even a GOYA habichuelas can. There’s even a “request” tab for a custom self-portrait by her starting at $250.


get on the floor!! play around!! it’s not that serious


Over on TikTok, Mebarak has tons of videos and content that show her love of painting, styling, and being a “gym rat.”

The artist is currently manifesting a “painting sculpture studio” and likes to paint on the floor rather than on walls. She thrifts and cuts up clothes to make them her own, which connects to her art style.

We’re absolutely obsessed with Shakira and her niece’s collaboration, and need one of those sweatshirts stat. As Mebarak herself puts it, she’s a “baby star” and we can’t wait to see what she does next!