Shakira is the cover star of People en Español‘s much-anticipated “50 Más Bellos” issue. She’s sharing details about her new life in Miami with the outlet.

The “Te Felicito” superstar described, “I’ve had to dedicate this year to fight to support my children, my parents, my new life out of Spain. Provide a new home for my kids.”

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While the star lives her best single life in the 305 (and we love to see it), her main priority is her close-knit family. Particularly her children Milan, 10 and Sasha, 8.

“I try to work or do something fun while the kids are at school or with their father [Gerard Piqué],” she explained. “The rest of the time, I’m with them and for them, working to offer them a structure to give them stability.”

While Shakira works on “reconstructing their nest” as a family, she also shared how difficult her separation from Piqué was. If you heard her iconic Bizarrap session (and in all honesty, who didn’t?) you know the breakup was bad. As in talking about the suegra, tax debt, and infidelities bad.

Still, the star gave us one more detail confirming she went through hell and back last year before music “saved her in the most difficult moments.”

Shakira revealed she found out Piqué “betrayed her” while her dad was in the ICU

In her interview with People en Español, Shakira described how vital her parents are to her.

She said, “My mom has always been my accomplice and my dad my best friend.”

Unfortunately, William Mebarak experienced a terrifying health scare last year. In May 2022, just one month before Shakira and Piqué officially separated, the singer’s dad suffered a fall in Barcelona.

As the singer explained, Mebarak was actually in the city to comfort his daughter while she was separating.

“My dad went to Barcelona to console me when I was consumed in sadness because of my separation,” she explained. “And while he was there in Milan’s First Communion, he had an accident and was gravely injured.”

At the time, Shakira posted on Twitter, “My dad unfortunately had a bad fall [on May 28] and I accompanied him in an ambulance to the hospital where he is recovering now.”

Now, Shakira is shedding more light on the incident, recalling it as one of the most challenging times of her life.

“Everything came at once, my home was collapsing,” she explained. “I found out from the press that I had been betrayed while my dad was in the ICU.”

By “betrayed,” Shakira refers to Piqué ostensibly cheating on her with now-girlfriend Clara Chía Martí. So it seems like the “Hips Don’t Lie” star didn’t exactly find out about the betrayal by noticing someone was eating her strawberry jam. However, it could’ve been a hint.

In any case, at least it surely made her Bizarrap-session-revenge all the sweeter?

Shakira said she “didn’t think she could survive that much” but has since found “strength” from her loved ones

The “Antología” singer said that she “didn’t think she could survive” finding out about her longtime partner’s “betrayal” while her father was in the hospital.

“The man I have loved the most in my life, my father, was leaving when I needed him the most,” she recalled.

“I couldn’t speak to [my dad] or hear the advice from my best friend that I needed the most.”

Still, Shakira describes her father as impossibly strong, “endearing,” and “marvelous.” Even despite several health obstacles — including a recent brain surgery.

“His recovery has been very hard and slow, but he is a marvelous man, an endearing person for everyone he surprises with his strength,” she said.

She also shared more details on how bad her father’s health scares have been: “He overcame COVID-19, two accidents, pneumonia, five surgeries — all at 91 years old in less than six months.”

While Shakira describes her father as “the biggest example of resilience,” there’s no doubt she takes after him.

Today, the singer says her children “inject indescribable strength” in her every day to move forward.

While she adds that she “questions herself like everyone else,” she says there are days she feels she “can overcome anything.”

“There are days when I feel strong, days when I feel I have lived many difficult things,” she described.

“All my life, I was scared to face things I had to face in the end, and I survived,” she said. “I thought I couldn’t, however, human resilience is inexhaustible, even moreso for women.”