Argentinian icon Gustavo Cerati used to say that “to know how to say goodbye is to grow up.” And Shakira seems to agree.

The Colombian singer said goodbye to Spain on April 2 when she boarded a private plane to Miami with her children.

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Together with her brother Tonino and her sons Sasha and Milan, the singer closed a painful chapter in her life.

Shakira bid a heartbroken farewell to her friends and family and to Barcelona, the city she moved to ten years ago for love.

“I settled in Barcelona to give my children stability, the same stability we now seek in another corner of the world next to family, friends, and the sea. Today we begin a new chapter in the search for their happiness,” the 46-year-old Colombian wrote in a post on Instagram.

“Thanks to everyone who surfed alongside me so many waves there in Barcelona, the city where I learned that, without a doubt, friendship is longer than love,” she continued.

“Thanks to everyone there who encouraged me, dried my tears, inspired me, and made me grow.”

A painful goodbye

After the public breakup with her ex-husband, Shakira has shared her pain and resilience with the world.

From a single turned spite anthem to rumors of being evicted from her home by Pique’s father, Shakira’s departure from Barcelona has been anything but pleasant.

The singer announced a few weeks ago that she would be moving to Miami with her family. The singer’s fans crowded outside her house to sing to her and wish her the best on this new stage.

Finally, from the plane, Shakira wrote: “things are not always as we dream.”

“Sometimes we run, but we don’t get there,” she shared in the stories. “Never doubt that I’ll be here.”

Her father, William Mebarack, and mother, Nidia Ripoll, will catch up with her in Florida. They will rebuild their lives in the U.S. as well, Telemundo reported.