As Shakira iconically pronounced in her Bizarrap session, “Las mujeres ya no lloran, las mujeres facturan”— and she was right. After her drama-filled separation from longtime partner Gerard Piqué, the Colombian singer is moving on to greener pastures. As in, her very own island in Miami to allegedly call home.

This is where Shakira currently still lives after the separation

So, we know Shakira’s current situation is less than ideal. She reportedly still lives in her Esplugues de Llobregat home in Barcelona, which she and Piqué are now selling. Sure, it’s a $10 million “minimalist” mansion that allegedly includes several pools, a library, a gym, a soccer field, and a padel court (really). That being said, it’s also right next door to Shakira’s ex-suegra. Oof. While we’d love to bask in all that luxury, having your ex-suegra right next door— the one that might have called you “bruja” behind your back— is a lot to deal with.

The “Waka Waka” singer has hardly kept quiet about the “bruja” name-calling. For one, she famously blasted her Bizarrap hit at full volume on the balcony and put up a witch doll facing her suegros’ house. While we love that for her, the toxicity surely tired Shakira out, and it was time to take off. Now that the star is eventually moving to Miami with her kids, we’re just wondering if she’s leaving Ms. Bruja behind or not.

Everything to know about Shakira’s alleged Miami move

The “Monotonía” chanteuse will reportedly move to Miami by April alongside her sons Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8. In fact, inside sources say she wants her children to enroll in a Miami school once classes start after Spring Break. Meanwhile, she cemented the custody deal with Piqué late last year, confirming she could move to Miami with her kids. Sources report the soccer star, in turn, negotiated holiday time with the kids.

Part of the singer’s family and friends group already lives in Miami, and she is planning on taking care of her parents in the Magic City as well.

So, where to live? Shakira already has a gorgeous Miami Beach mansion on her extensive list of properties, so she could easily move there with her sons. That being said, she has tried to sell the house several times since her initial 2001 purchase and now may be considering switching it out— for an island.

Yes, the singer may be eyeing an epic “island” residence now

While Shakira’s current Miami Beach mansion is a modern waterfront property with six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and a gorgeous deck and pool, there’s just one hitch— no privacy. Paparazzi can easily access the home by boat, which would surely happen amid the media frenzy surrounding her breakup from Piqué… and well, she’s Shakira.

That’s exactly why the “TQG” star is reportedly eyeing a “private island” residence within Miami, at least according to reporter Alex Rodriguez. The inside source explained, “She is interested in another home close by, but it has no public access. It’s on a private island. [The home] is owned by an Indian businessman, and one of Shakira’s best friends lives nearby.”

Meanwhile, Rodriguez assures that while her current mansion is not for sale at the moment, she plans on putting it up for sale soon. As Shakira once sang, siempre “Sale El Sol” in the end.