Following last week’s revelations of footballer Sebastián Lletget’s infidelity, he has finally come forward to address the rumors in a lengthy response posted on social media. Just two months after his engagement to singer Becky G, Lletget is coming clean about what he calls a “10 minute lapse in judgment.”

Lletget’s post comes just a few days after an anonymous woman took to Instagram to inform Becky G that she was carrying on an affair with Lletget. She provided videos, pictures, and audio messages to prove it, promising she has a lot to show Becky G if she wants to know more.

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Even now, Becky G is silent on the issue, ignoring the woman entirely and leaving Lletget to respond on his own.

Sebastián Lletget releases a statement about his infidelity

Read the full statement below.

Lletget did not specify what the 10 minute lapse actually was. However, we can assume he’s referring to the video of him partying at the Shoko Nightclub in Madrid. Still, he made no reference to the DMs or voice messages the anonymous woman posted.

The last Instagram post from Becky G was nearly a week ago, one day before the accusations. She usually posts multiple times a week. Sometimes, even more than once a day.

While Lletget did admit to a “lapse in judgment,” he is still denying aspects of the rumors. He uses very calculated language throughout the statement. Things like “right up to the very boundaries of lines” imply he did not actually cheat.

He also refers to the anonymous woman’s evidence as “an extortion plot” without specifying any information.

He said he will do “whatever it takes” to repair his relationship with Becky G.

Becky G’s fans are not buying it

Lletget’s attempts to blame mental health are not working for fans of Becky G. They are already flooding her Instagram comments, telling her to leave him in the dust. On Twitter, posters are mocking Lletget for trying to use mental health as an excuse.

Yeah, they’re really going to town on this guy. But also, he deserves it.

Now, all we can do is wait for Becky G’s response.