“Mamiii” singer Becky G announced her engagement to fútbol player Sebastian Lletget in a joint Instagram post on December 9. The couple started dating in 2016 and Lletget, who plays for FC Dallas, even appeared in Becky G’s video for “My Man” in 2020.

Becky G and Sebastian Lletget meet in 2016

Becky and Lletget first met in 2016 thanks to Becky’s “Power Rangers” co-star Naomi Scott. As far back as 2017, Becky knew that Lletget was the one for her. In an interview with ET, she said, “It feels like [we’re soulmates],” adding, “I’m not lying when I say that. I feel like there’s something really special [between us].”

The singer talked about finding balance in a relationship between two people who are always working or on the road. “Relationships do take effort. He’s an athlete. I’m traveling and touring all the time,” she said. “We’re both super busy, but when you don’t even have to think twice, you don’t have to doubt your relationship with someone and you can just be who you are and be inspired by that person to be better.”

Interestingly, the singer mentioned the possibility of an engagement, saying, “It wouldn’t happen this year, no. But I would say ‘Yes,’ of course.” Seems like she stuck to her word!

Becky supports Lletget through an injury

The couple publicly declared their love again in 2019, after Lletget suffered an injury playing fútbol. Becky wrote an inspiring, heartfelt post dedicated to Lletget’s dedication, strength, and resilience.

“He works so hard & I know without a doubt that he will recover with his head held high just like many of the other hard working athletes in this industry that have had to after overcoming the tests and trials of this not easy career,” she wrote on Instagram. “Sebastian, we got your back my love.”

The couple release a quarantine-themed music video in 2020

In 2020, Lletget appeared in the video for Becky G’s “My Man,” a song dedicated to their relationship. Released during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, the video shows Becky and Lletget going about their days in quarantine. It’s an intimately-produced and heartwarming video about love enduring through tough times.

In an interview with Elite Daily, Becky reveals more about how she and Lletget made the video “I think, if there was a full production, like official music video set up, then [Sebastian would have been nervous]. I’d probably have had to prep him and coach him through it a little bit. But with this video, it’s just what you see is what you got. It’s just us, you know?”