‘Sí, Son Canas’: Becky G Talks About Having Gray Hair Since She Was 14 Years Old

Becky G is a force of nature, releasing hit after hit like “Mayores” and “Sin Pijama,” and always demonstrating how proud she is to be Mexicana. The 25-year-old triple threat is everything, but she recently took to TikTok to talk about the adversity she’s faced in life — and how it’s given her gray hair.

The “La Loto” singer posted a TikTok video where she can be seen all-natural in sweats and her glasses, all the while brushing her teeth. 


Si, son canas. 🥹🤣💁🏻‍♀️ aprendí de mi equipo de ayuda professional that having lived in fight or flight most of my life has caused my nervous system to recieve alot of “Norepinephrine“ 🙃quién más tiene canas?? 🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

♬ original sound – Becky G

She begins with, “So, we need to talk about it because I saw it in the comments of my last TikTok,” referring to many fans’ comments about her gray roots in another recent video. The video in question shows her making a delicious michelada, and quickly garnered comments like: “Wait how does Becky have canas already ISNT she like 24⁉” and “I don’t feel alone anymore 🥺 [I’m] 26 and I have hella canas.”


Made a Michelada yesterday 💁🏻‍♀️☀️🍺Didnt have any premixes or chamoy but I enjoyed the simplicity


The star decided to take the opportunity to discuss her canas, and even shed light on how stress might have caused her to grow grays in the first place. As the singer described, “Diosito has me so blessed, that I am stressed.” She continued, “I choose to vibrate higher, so naturally, I am more prone to being tired.”

Becky G then went on to zoom into her roots, and point-blank stated, “Si, son canas.” She explained she has had gray hair since she was just 14 years old, wondering, “I can’t be the only 25-year-old who has gray hair.” 

While canas have a genetic component, the star wrote in the caption that her “professional help team” helped her see that she has lived in “fight or flight” mode most of her life. This in turn caused her nervous system to receive “a lot of norepinephrine,” which might have led to growing gray hair early in life.  

As many of us can relate to, the “Ram Pam Pam” singer said, “Let’s not pretend like we didn’t come out of the womb already like, ‘Oh my God, I gotta undo generational trauma, generational cycles and on top of that do some light work, and then do my shadow work,” and LOL, yes. While Becky G has become a bonafide worldwide star, she proved she’s just like us with that comment alone!

The singer-actress also explained that pursuing her major goals also led to stress: “Somewhere in there, you’re like ‘I’m gonna go for my dreams, I’m gonna make it big’… The bigger you get, the harder people… try to bring you down.” So yes, haters can 100% also cause some canas in your life. Still, Becky G says to “fight, fight, fight” and “ponte las pilas, mija,” so that’s what we plan on doing!

Some people say that having canas just means you’re very wise for your age, and while we don’t know if that’s true, it certainly is in Becky G’s case. She finished up her message with, “Whatever your fight is, it could be school, career, family, work, yourself… Let’s not make it harder on eachother, ya’ll.”

The Inglewood-born star’s message clearly struck a chord with fans, who quickly took to the comments to describe their own experiences with canas. One wrote, “My dad whole family has had canas since 14 too. I was doomed before I was born 😂,” while another described, “Girl I have canas and I stopped pulling them out I embrace them now…” Yet another commented, “Same girl .. since i was 10 I have them.” 


El fin de semana está cerca 😊🤍 Buen día ☀️ ustedes cómo están?

♬ original sound – Becky G

It’s clear getting canas from a young age is actually a common occurrence, and teaches us all not to say certain comments to people with gray hair that might actually be offensive. Some examples? Asking how someone has canas at such a young age is not helpful, or even acting shocked. Even more, telling someone they shouldn’t be “embarrassed” about their canas might come from a good place, but why bring in that sentiment at all?

As Becky G says, “It is rough out here in these streets,” so being as kind to each other as possible is crucial. The singer has referred to her canas as “sparkles” in the past, so we don’t have grays anymore — we have sparkles. 

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