Salma Hayek could not pass up an opportunity to prank her coworkers during a birthday celebration involving a mariachi band. In a 2017 interview on “The Graham Norton Show,” Hayek, who is a notorious jokester, explained how she psyched out some of her coworkers when they presented her with a mariachi band on her 50th birthday.

The producers of “Beatriz at Dinner” surprised Salma Hayek with a gift

Before that, however, Hayek wanted to make sure everyone knew: “I have no Botox!”

Because she had to work on her 50th birthday, Hayek’s coworkers on set surprised her with a mariachi band to celebrate her big day. “They brought a mariachi band,” she says to Norton. “I was really moved.”

She continues, explaining how the band met her at her car that morning to perform. “I cried and it was amazing,” she said. However, an opportunity arose when Hayek got word that one of the producers on set had some concerns about the gift.

However, the actress couldn’t resist playing a prank on her coworkers

According to Hayek’s retelling of events, “When [director] Miguel [Arteta] proposed the mariachi,” a producer said “‘But, uh. Is that politically correct? Because she’s Mexican? Should we bring a mariachi? Is she going to think it’s racist?'”

Like any Latina would, Hayek took her chance to have some fun with the producer. “I made a joke at her and said, ‘I need to talk to you,'” she says.

When she approached the producer, she said, “I’ve got to say, I’m really grateful for the thought of doing something on my birthday…but, really? A mariachi? Are we having tacos for lunch?” Of course, the producer was absolutely mortified, but Hayek let her off the hook sooner than later because, according to her, she was almost in tears.

Let’s be honest: pulling the Latino card for a good joke can be a lot of fun. There are only a few opportunities where you can actually pull it off, so it’s worth taking them when you can. In Hayek’s case, her birthday gift to herself was some early morning awkwardness. At least she got a good story out of it!