Salma Hayek, 56, doubtlessly paved the way for Latinas in Hollywood — who else can remember crying-watching “Frida” over and over? Fast forward to today, and Hayek’s own 15-year-old daughter Valentina dreams of pursuing acting, too. But, the “Eternals” actress has concerns.

Hayek and daughter Valentina Paloma Pinaut sat down with Vogue México to share insight into their lives. The interview is as interesting as it is heartwarming, with Hayek describing, “I became a mother very late… but I wanted a daughter so badly that nothing else mattered.”

The two have the sweetest relationship, with Hayek remembering Valentina as a young child. “[Valentina] never let me choose her clothes, I always loved that… I’m good at makeup, but now she teaches me.” 

Salma Hayek and her daughter have a relatable mother-daughter relationship

While the mother and daughter no doubt live the glamorous life of the jet-set, they’re also startlingly relatable. Hayek explained that she chooses smaller roles in films to spend more time with her family. While Valentina tells her mom “she will be okay,” Hayek asserts, “A Mexican mom is a Mexican mom, no matter where you are.” 

While Valentina described how her mom “always” calls her to ask if she has eaten or slept, and admits raiding Hayek’s closet, she’s already looking towards the future.

The 15-year-old told the outlet she would like to pursue a directing and acting career.

Valentina’s acting and directing dreams

She explained, “I would like to be an actress then a director because that’s what makes sense in my head. Even more, I think it would be more complicated to be a director if you don’t have experience on the other side of the camera.” 

While acting blood clearly runs in Valentina’s veins, Hayek has a few doubts about her daughter’s career choice.

The Mexico-born star said she has “seen what [Valentina] can do,” but acting at a young age means “losing anonymity.” 

As per Hayek, “the best thing” is having a life with many facets. “An artistic side, a professional one, and another being a woman, knowing that one of those things will always be put at risk.”

She continued, saying “everyone is different,” and “no one can tell you how to do it.”

Still, an acting career means “understanding what you’re sacrificing, what gives and what takes.”

Hayek worries about the price of fame

Hayek has expressed concerns about Valentina being in the public eye in the past. She told People en Español, “Me being a public figure doesn’t mean her life has to be publicized.”

Acting for more than three decades now, Hayek clearly knows a thing or two about the movie industry — and the price of fame. Starting off with telenovelas and making her way up to the Hollywood A-list, the star has climbed the acting Everest

In short, if Hayek has concerns about her daughter following in her footsteps, she will surely offer the best advice — as a mother and seasoned actress.

Throughout the interview, Hayek made clear she always puts her family first. But just like fame, motherhood also has a price. She said, “Being a mother is marvelous, but… I’m always worried, I [think of] anxiety, mental health issues, environmental problems, drugs.” 

Valentina replied, “You raised me well,” but it’s clear Hayek’s concerns go further than that. If she’s worried about her daughter going into acting, it’s just because “Mamá mexicana es mamá mexicana.”