Mexican star Salma Hayek might be a Hollywood A-lister, Academy Award nominee, and is happily married to French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, but she’s also oddly, surprisingly relatable. Sure, Hayek has showcased her down-to-earth nature in the past — like when she told everyone she keeps a handy-dandy bottle of chile in her bag. That being said, a brand-new interview cements it for us. Hayek recently told Jimmy Fallon that she loves pulling pranks, and owes it to her Mexican “genes.”

Hayek sat down with Fallon on “The Tonight Show” to promote new movie “Puss in Boots: The Last Wish,” and it was a whirlwind. As the video shows, the “Frida” actress talked to the host about her “love” of the World Cup. She explained, “It’s a very important time, every four years, for my family.”

The Coatzacoalcos-born actress, of course, roots for Mexico first and foremost. But if they get disqualified, she goes for France. Why? “Because it’s very important to keep a good marriage.” Marriage tips from Salma Hayek– we’ll take ’em!

While on the show, the star talked about her passion for scaring people. While Fallon disagreed, Hayek said she “loves” doing it, calling the frightening activity so “fun.” “The anticipation of the face… I start laughing… I enjoy it so much.”

So, if you have any family members that love hiding behind doors (or couches, or under tables) to startle you — especially during the holidays — they’re apparently just like Hayek.

Hayek loves pulling pranks on people

Apart from hiding and scaring people, Hayek also loves a great prank. She explains, “We love to do pranks… I think if you’re Mexican it’s in your genes.”

The actress described arguably pulling the worst prank ever while watching a World Cup Mexico game at home. She said, “We were all watching the game… and there was a friend who wanted to go to the bathroom for a long time, but didn’t want to miss anything.”

Finally, the friend took the chance to go to the bathroom. Hayek remembers all of them waiting for him “to put his pants down” before screaming “GOL!” as loud as possible.

While we’d love to hear Hayek’s friend’s side of the story (justice for the friend!) we can’t stop laughing. No comment on whether we’re recreating this prank for the final (oops).

It’s not the first time Hayek has spoken about her love of pranks. Back in 2016, she explained on The Graham Norton Show that she pranked her husband about having an affair. Why? So he wouldn’t be mad about her adopting another dog. It makes a lot more sense when she explains it… sort of:

The Fallon interview also went into the fact that Hayek’s family has three Christmases — one with her family, one with her husband’s family, and another just for the couple and daughter Valentina Paloma. As any Latino knows, more Navidades mean more tamales… and maybe tres leches.

The actress also has the cutest pet owl we’ve ever seen (really) who is very confused by Hayek’s owl Christmas ornament (10/10, no comedic notes).

As shown by their “Can You Feel It” challenge on the show, Hayek is apparently also completely fearless — even when touching a very-scary human hand.