Salma Hayek isn’t afraid to be a bit off-kilter, doing things her own way, quirks and all.

For one, she once lied to her husband François-Henri Pinault about having an affair… to lessen the blow of adopting another dog. Hayek always carries chili powder in her bag, watches English murder shows to go to sleep, and turns out — she was so “terrified” of marriage, she had to be “dragged” to the courthouse.

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The “Beatriz At Dinner” star sat down for an interview with Glamour that’s like a hug for your soul. In it, she confronts the topics of aging, a woman’s biological clock, and societal pressures head-on, giving comforting words of advice we needed to hear. Starting out in Mexican telenovelas in the late 80s, Hayek soon landed Hollywood roles like “From Dusk Till Dawn” that catapulted her as a sex symbol — but her role in “Frida” cemented her as a bonafide icon.

Today, you can sense 56-year-old Hayek is relaxed and happy, taking on roles in fun movies like “Magic Mike’s Last Dance,” and enjoying life with husband Pinault and their daughter Valentina.

The Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz-born megastar opened up the interview in a big way: point-blank, “I didn’t marry my husband for money.”

As you may know, Hayek’s 60-year-old husband Pinault is a billionaire businessman who works as the president and CEO of Kering. A.K.A., the father company of luxury brands like Balenciaga, Bottega Veneta, Gucci, and YSL. Still, when the actress met him, she was already a millionaire A-lister in her own right. Plus, she didn’t even want to marry him at first — but more on that in a bit.

About her French husband, Hayek explained: “I married a man who is very supportive, who saw things in me that I never even saw in myself.”

Hayek talked about aging, even having an “existential crisis” in her 30s. While the star didn’t have her daughter Valentina until age 41, and got married at 42, her 30s were full of fears and pressures. She recalls thinking, “Oh my God. I’m just not going to accomplish all my plans ever, it’s never going to happen for me. I have nothing, no husband, no children.”

Words of advice from the “Desperado” star herself? For one, she says the “[biological] clock is not as strict” as many think — so in short, there’s time. Being the philosophical, fierce queen she is, Hayek said: “Great things are coming your way. Do not settle for the wrong man.” And one more thing? Do not under any circumstances “listen to all these expiration dates that they give you.”

It seems like Hayek has never cared about expiration dates, especially when confronted with marriage. She told the outlet that she “didn’t believe in marriage” and “didn’t want to marry” Pinault for a “long” time. He kept trying, though, and “he didn’t go away” even when she couldn’t make it to the altar. In the star’s words, “He had to stick around until we got it done.”

“Terrified” with a self-diagnosed “phobia” of marriage, Hayek’s Valentine’s Day 2009 courthouse wedding with Pinault was unexpected — even for her. So much so, she “didn’t even know” she was getting married that day. Let’s explain.

Hayek said her wedding was more “like an intervention,” meaning her family “dragged” her to the courthouse. “Phobia” or not, it was time — she “wouldn’t actually show up on the day or do it” before, and she couldn’t do that again. Although the star was “nervous,” she got to the courthouse that day and sealed the deal. After that, she recalls thinking, “Oh, it’s okay. I don’t feel any different.” By April 2009, they had a stunning, full-out ceremony in Venice.

Today, getting older is nothing like what Hayek once expected. She’s still “working,” “in love,” and hasn’t lost her “flexibility,” “agility,” or her strength. She is loving growing older with her husband, and is happy to still ride the rollercoaster of her acting career.

Hayek said, “Hell, I’m still going. Shocker. I’m still here. They tried to get rid of me a thousand ways; I’m still here… I’ve made it.”