Ricky Martin, 51, just spoke out for the first time about his divorce from husband Jwan Yosef, 38.

The “Tu Recuerdo” singer told Telemundo Puerto Rico, “Well, I’m single.” Still, he said that he and Yosef will “always be family” for their two children, Lucia, 4, and Renn, 3, and Martin’s twins from before their marriage, Matteo and Valentino, 14.

Martin announced his divorce from Yosef on July 6, posting their joint statement on Instagram. At the time, he wrote: “We have decided to end our marriage with love, respect, and dignity for our children.”

He also explained the two are “united in nurturing this new chapter” of both of their lives.

Interestingly, Martin wrote in his official statement that he and his husband had “considered transforming [their] relationship” for “some time.” Well, it turns out that he wasn’t lying.

As per the star’s interview with Telemundo, he and Yosef began speaking about ending their marriage since before the pandemic— as in, more than three years ago. What?!

Ricky Martin spoke out about his divorce from Jwan Yosef, saying they experienced “highs and lows” together

Although Martin’s divorce chisme might have come as a shock to us, it was actually a long time coming.

The singer admitted to Telemundo, “This is not recent. We have been planning this situation since a long time ago. This is pre-pandemic.” He also explained they went through the breakup in a “responsible” manner.

“We looked each other in the eyes, and smiled, and hugged,” he recalled. “We went through the highs and lows, and cried together, and laughed together.”

Another thing? While some gossip sites say the couple divorced because of cheating, Martin assured that was not the case.

And while Martin and Yosef’s divorce was yet another 2023 celebrity breakup that made us question true love, the singer spoke positively about the situation. “We’re better than ever, I think, and single.” Okay, then!

“When the public found out we were getting divorced, we had already gone through a very solid mourning process,” he described. “We were sure that this is what had to happen for his sake, my sake, and for our children.”

Speaking of the four children in their household, Martin spoke about how they’re dealing with the divorce. “Communication is the most important thing,” he said. “First of all, my children never saw a fight between me and Jwan.”

“That’s why they asked, ‘You’re getting divorced? You’re getting separated?'” In a way, they were surprised because the couple “resolved their differences with good conversations in [their] room.”

Still, their children were highly supportive of the divorce. Martin recalled, “When we told them, they said, ‘Well, dad, are you okay? Are you happy? Is this your decision? Don’t do it for us, we’re okay. It’s been marvelous.”

Martin said he and his ex should “write a book about how to get divorced”

The “Livin’ La Vida Loca” singer said his breakup has been so smooth he and Yosef should write a how-to on getting divorced.

He told Telemundo, “I told Jwan, we should write a book on how to get divorced. Even more, if someone is getting divorced, come and talk to us because we have it down pat.”

“It’s been much easier than what we thought,” he said, relieved. “But we did it with time and in a calm way.”

“I insist, Jwan and I are going to be friends forever,” he said.

One more thing? According to People en Español, Martin also shared that he is open to having another relationship in the future.

“I am going to have a good time, I want to have a good time, we’re going one step at a time, but yes, I see myself in another relationship,” he admitted.

Still, he pushed back on rushing anything: “With calmness, [we were together] seven or eight years.”

“I’m not talking about the near future, but I love being in love,” he revealed. “I like to be in a relationship, I like waking up in the morning, a morning kiss, breakfast, laughing, [and] togetherness.”

Meanwhile, Yosef also recently spoke out about the divorce to Hoy Día. Still, he was a bit less talkative about it. He said, “Everything is good. We’re in a good place.”

“It’s all well,” he said. “We’re happily separated.”

So, it seems like both Martin and Yosef are taking their divorce in stride and happier than ever. We have to ask, though. What is going on with 2023? As one Twitter user asked, “What’s in the water?”

So far, we have Martin’s divorce, Rauw Alejandro and Rosalía‘s split, Becky G (possibly?!) calling off her engagement with soccer player Sebastian Lletget, Sofia Vergara‘s divorce from Joe Manganiello… and more.

In the words of that early 90s electro-pop song by Haddaway, “What Is Love?” (Yes, we just aged ourselves a bit there, don’t @ us).