As the thirst for Pedro Pascal continues to grow, the actor grows increasingly concerned with his own fanbase’s insistence that he is the sexiest man alive. Beauty is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. But Pascal is genuinely worried about why his fans are so in love with him.

Pedro Pascal plays up the meme sometimes

The Daddy Pascal meme is one of the year’s most popular, thus far. It seems to be a limitless well of content and, for the most part, Pascal plays along. He admitted he doesn’t dislike the attention in a polygraph interview with Vanity Fair. In fact, he sometimes Googles his own name just to feel better. His words, not ours!

But he’s also a bit confused by it…

However, deep down, Pascal is mostly confused. Most people wouldn’t outright reject millions of people calling them hot. And Pascal isn’t either. He’s just not sure what people are seeing in him.

In an interview SensaCine, Pascal asked, “What has happened to people that they like someone old like me? I don’t understand, what’s happened culturally, how can this happen?” Instead, Pascal thinks people “should focus on Harry Styles.”

Pascal is never going to see himself the way we do and he isn’t the first Hollywood Daddy to take the world by storm. But there’s something, in the social media age, that’s particularly interesting about 19-year-olds making fan cams of a man more than twice their age.

… and maybe a little uncomfortable

The actor is already trying to establish some boundaries with reporters asking him to comment on the overwhelming amount of thirst. Although he’s usually game to indulge his fans, a recent Access Hollywood video sparked a conversation about when to say when.

In the video, one that the outlet deleted off their page after a fair amount of backlash, a reporter asks Pascal to pick his favorite thirst tweet at the third season premiere of “The Mandalorian.”

As this Twitter user’s response says, Pascal seems like a genuinely nice guy. But there’s a limit to things. It appears that Pascal reached his during this interaction. Despite his best efforts to keep things cordial, he seems to be disturbed by the reporter’s attempt to cash in on the meme at the premiere of a show meant for kids.

While some praised the reporter for respecting his boundaries, others felt like she unfairly put him in an uncomfortable position. As the line between man and meme continues to thin, it’s important to remember we’re ultimately talking about a human being.

Famous or not, Pascal deserves to talk about something other than his looks.