We’re not saying this has become a Pedro Pascal stan website, but we’re not not saying it either. Let’s just put it out there — the Chilean-American actor is a fine wine at 47 years old, and we’re not afraid to admit it. The “Mandalorian” actor might have taken more than 15 years to make it in Hollywood, but his fame quotient only keeps growing. One thing that no doubt pushed his notoriety (and the envelope)? Pascal saying in a red carpet interview that he’s a “cool, slutty daddy.” Enjoy:

Starting to understand the Pascal thirst a little more now? Or just need some context stat? The actor said that now-infamous comment when asked by ET about being “the daddy” of the internet. The outlet asked Pascal to read a particularly interesting tweet that said, “I call Pedro Pascal a DILF, and think he’s my cool, slutty father.”

At that point, Pascal deadpans to the camera and says, “Yep, I am your cool, slutty daddy.” And history was made.

Now, Twitter is imploding with an army of people that are decidedly-horny for Pedro Pascal. It is what it is, and frankly, there’s no other way to say it. We sifted through the throves of tweets dedicated to just how sexy the “Narcos” actor is, and weren’t disappointed. Now, for your own pleasure, here are the most thirsty tweets ever sent honoring Pascal’s hotness:

1. Say “José Pedro Balmaceda Pascal” three times fast— now imagine him saying it.

2. Remember that fine wine comment? Let’s just call Pascal a vino tinto that just gets better every year.

3. While Valentine’s Day might be long gone, our thirst for Pascal is evermore. Also, it’s Pascalentine’s Day now.

4. If the horny police did exist, we would be behind bars for all those Pascal TikTok fan edits, too. Guilty as charged!

5. The only issue here? We’d never pick up the phone.

6. Not into the whole “daddy” thing? We get it. How about “papi”? We’re also open to zaddy.

7. Now, may we present to you the equivalent of, “Hazme un hijo!”

8. Okay, okay, true Pascal fans might hate this one (we sort of do). But it’s also kind of accurate? The vibe is “your friend’s hot, weird uncle,” and there will always be “something about him.”

9. Anyone else have this issue? “The Last Of Us” is scary. But Pascal is so hot. Yes, it’s a conflicting feeling.

10. We’ll just let this video surprise you like it did us. That being said— no notes, 10/10.

11. Now, we’ll gift you the actor’s “I’m in charge” posture. If this was a bad V-Day card, we would say he’s also “in charge” of our hearts. Which is true.

12. Just like there’s a plethora of horny Pedro Pascal tweets, there are also some burns. But they’re still kind of thirsty? Here, one person described the actor as a Great British Bake Off quarter-finalist with fondue issues. Strangely, it makes us like him even more!

13. Sometimes, only an “OH MY GOD” will suffice.

15. And other times, it’s best to keep it simple and to the point:

Now, we’ll just leave you with this — so you can be thirsty, too: