Marco Antonio Solis is known to sing romantic, cortavena songs that are practically synonymous with breakups (“Si No Te Hubieras Ido,” anyone?). Still, it seems like he has mixed feelings about Shakira’s Bizarrap session all about ex Piqué. Sure, El Buki sings deep-cutting lyrics like “No mediste el daño que me hacías, mira lo que han hecho tus mentiras,” but he may just draw the line at Shakira’s “trading a Rolex for a Casio” lyric — and maybe the whole “Clara-mente” thing, too.

This is what Solis had to say about Shakira’s Bizarrap session

Solis talked to Telemundo about what he thinks about Shakira’s latest song — and if he would follow in her footsteps. So, would El Buki ever get that specific when songwriting about a bad breakup? Not likely. He explained, “Híjole, in my case, I wouldn’t air it out that way… That’s hard for me.”

While Solis said he “admires” Shakira’s move, he still compared it to a “marketing” tactic. That being said, the “Más Que Tu Amigo” said it’s still a “valid song” because “many people suffer the same situations in their daily life.”

The singer applauds the Bizarrap session because “it’s a platform to say, ‘This happened to me, too.'” He says many “identify” with Shakira’s situation, which he clearly supports. Solis simply “doesn’t think” he would reveal that much in his own song lyrics.

Shakira’s song is undoubtedly brave, getting very specific about ex Piqué’s cheating scandal (never forget the revelatory strawberry jam). Sure, the Colombian singer mentions her ex and his new girlfriend by name, talks about her mother-in-law and their tax debt, and tells the soccer star to start “working out” his brain. But Shakira has always written exactly what’s in her heart ever since her “Antología” days, so why stop now?

Breakups mean listening to our Solis-Shakira playlist all day

Meanwhile, Solis’ comments come as a surprise because he is arguably the king of despecho. While he’s never told an ex they traded a Ferrari for a Twingo, he did sing, “Nadie es perfecto y tú lo verás, tal vez mil cosas mejores tendrás, pero un cariño sincero, jamás,” after all. In fact, for a lot of us, breakups mean listening to Solis and Shakira on repeat all day:

It’s important to note Solis didn’t push back on Shakira’s decision to get specific about her breakup— he just wouldn’t write about his own personal life that way. As they say, different strokes for different folks… and we’re still planning on listening to that Bizarrap session alongside “O Me Voy O Te Vas.” A perfect combo if there ever was one!

Plus, after some sleuthing, it seems Solis may have said in 2015 that he wanted to collaborate with Shakira. “We need that duet stat — no matter what the lyrics are!