Getting inspired by “Wednesday,” perhaps? Spanish singer Rosalía, 31, and rumored boyfriend Jeremy Allen White, 32, just stepped out in New York City looking like the emo-goth couple of our dreams. It might be too soon to stan these two, but we’re admittedly swooning:

This week, the “Despechá” superstar and the “Iron Claw” actor strolled through the streets of NYC streets in matching, all-black outfits. Yes, there was lots of leather, black tights, and a bit of pink— because emo couples have range:

Also… there were more cigarettes involved, which we’ve come to expect from this French film-coded couple:

As one X user joked, they sort of look like a “Lower East Side couple” out to a natural wine bar date. They’re not wrong:

Yes, chef?

Now that we’re on the topic of this new “it” couple, why not look back at how their romance may have sparked in the first place? Hint: they seem to have started off as friends, but a Los Angeles movie theater date may have taken them out of the friendzone.

White and Rosalía’s romance may have started after a movie theater date in Los Feliz

As per Cosmopolitan, the gossip outlet DeuxMoi (why is it always DeuxMoi?) first reported these two were cozying up to each other. Back in October 2023, the Deux U podcast said that fans saw White and Rosalía catch a movie at L.A.’s Los Feliz Theater. Their movie choice? The 1998 crime thriller “Wild Things.” Of course it was. The two later reportedly got a bite to eat at Italian classic hotspot Little Dom’s (hopefully they got the fried calamari).

By October 30, paparazzi gave us our first look at the possible couple — and they didn’t disappoint. Where did they spot the recently single pair? At a farmer’s market, because that’s what artsy, manic panic pixie dream girls — and guys — do:

The grunge-y, tie-dye oversized hoodie! The tall black combo boots! The cardigan! The absolutely enormous bouquet of flowers! It’s all just… perfect.

At the time, news outlets went crazy over the pair. This makes sense: Rosalía had just ended her engagement with ex-fiancé Rauw Alejandro months before. Not to be outdone, White was dealing with a still-unfinalized divorce from ex Addison Timlin after three years of marriage. He also shares two young daughters with Timlin.

There’s a lot going on between both White and Rosalía’s private lives. Even more, White notoriously had to agree to daily alcohol testing in order to see his kids amid the divorce.

Anywho. By the end of November, paparazzi spotted the possible pareja again, this time leaning on someone’s Honda Civic? And yes, we got some great, mostly-black goth outfits again. And yes, we got another glimpse of their unofficial mascot, the… cigarette:

On November 30, Us Weekly reported that the actor and the Spanish singer were officially together. “Rosalía and Jeremy Allen White have recently started dating,” a source told the outlet. “They started out as just friends, but things have turned romantic recently.”

December rolled in, and we finally saw the singer and actor embracing their emo hearts in a Los Angeles parking lot. All-black outfits again, and this time around — we saw them holding hands:

And by December 4, we got yet another notable couple outing. This time, on yet another cigarette break (What are they taking a break from? Shifts at The Beef?), we saw the couple lovingly embrace each other:

Another notable happening going on with the couple? Well, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen White’s iconic Calvin Klein underwear ad on social media, released on January 4:

According to People en Español, many fans are freaking out because Rosalía “liked” Calvin Klein’s post of White on Instagram. Very… very relatable.

And yes, at just around the same time as White’s new Calvin Klein ad, we saw the rumored couple step out in New York City in those matching, black outfits.

Amid all this hubbub, fans continue to speculate about the possible twosome. They might be emo-goth, but when thinking of White’s role on “The Bear,” the two are also giving “Ratatouille”:

Meanwhile, they also give off Bratz doll meets “Flushed Away” Roddy vibes somehow?

Rosalía, we see you, we observe you, we analyze you, and respect you. Especially after seeing White’s Calvin Klein ad:

A match made in sort-of goth heaven, we would say: