There’s no doubt Eva Mendes, 48, is a top-tier actress with epic comedic chops (“The Other Guys,” anyone?) but her recent Instagram reels shed light on just how funny she really is.

Recently, the Cuban-American star has taken to IG to imitate her own “Cuban Mami,” and we can’t stop laughing. In fact, her latest video shows how her mom walks down the stairs and yells, “Ay Evie, me mato!” (LOL) featuring Mendes’ own epic Cuban accent. More of this content stat please!

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We’re living for Mendes’ new hilarious reels in Spanish

As you can see in Mendes’ latest IG reel, she loves imitating her Cuban mom, Eva Pérez. The star’s mother is infamous for “complaining then complimenting,” A.K.A., “I’m going to die without a stair railing here! But it’s pretty, the ceilings are so high!” Who else can relate? Because we’ve never felt more seen in our lives.

The actress starts out the video going down her home’s stairs, which don’t have a railing on the side. In truth, we’d probably also go all “Cuban Mami” (or abuela!) and freak out. As Mendes’ mom says, “Pero niña, there’s nothing here… I’ll slip! I’ll kill myself, ay Evie!”

Then, the drama gets even better. Mendes pokes fun at how her mom would say, “If you have kids in this house, they’ll slip, they’ll kill themselves on this!” As one spot-on Instagram commenter wrote, “Did all our Cuban moms study at the same Academy of Paranoia and Dramatic Arts?”

It’s all about the “compliment-complain” vibes

This isn’t the first time Mendes posts a funny reel imitating her “dramatic” Cuban Mami. Back in December, she imitated how her mom somehow manages to always “compliment-complain, compliment-complain,” saying she’s “amazing” at it. As the actress puts it, her mom is “always” with her, and “sees everything” through her “mom’s eyes” today.

In the reel, Mendes jokes about her mom will say, “Ay que lindo está esto,” but then follow up with: “But why do you have the table so close? We can’t walk.” Same goes for the “dangerous” pebbles in front of the door— but that palm tree over there is “beautiful.”

Mendes has often showed her immense love for her mother, recently posting a heartwarming IG birthday message for her. The actress said, “No post could ever come close to expressing what I feel for you,” posting several photos from childhood all the way to fame.

Mendes has so much “respect and appreciation” for her mother

The star told Women’s Health in 2019 that she comes “from a single-parent household,” after her parents divorced. She explained, “My mom mostly raised four of us on her own.”

While Mendes was born in Miami and moved to L.A. as a child, her mother began her life in Cuba. The actress described, “She was the mom in Cuba who had to walk however many miles to fetch water from the well… That was her reality for a while, so the level of respect and appreciation I have for her now is incredible.”

Mendes also told the outlet more about her humble childhood. She said, “We didn’t have much when I was growing up.” Still, her mother taught them to be thankful. “My mother would say, ‘As little as we have, there are so many people who have less.’”

Sadly, the actress recently shared on the TODAY show that her mother Eva is “not doing too well right now,” and called her “a survivor” in every way.

Still, she also told the show that being raised by her loving mom “formed who” she is today. Those “memories” still poke through today, whether imitating her mom in hilarious reels, dedicating herself full-time to her kids, or… showing partner Ryan Gosling the beauty of her mother’s arroz con leche.