Latina movie star Eva Mendes has been giving us life on social media!

The model, actress and businesswoman has recently been developing a new line of kitchen cleaning tools that she’s been promoting on Instagram. Along with those videos, she recently surprised fans with a clip in which she flaunts her Cuban Spanish, jokingly teasing that real Cubans keep their kitchens clean always

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“Oye mira, si tu no lavas los platos, no eres Cubana,” the 48-year-old actress says in a Cuban accent. “Si tu entras en tu cocina y no esta limpia, no eres Cubana,” she finishes, proclaiming to Instagram that, “If you don’t wash your dishes, you are not Cuban” and “If you go in your kitchen and its not clean, you are not Cuban.”

She captioned the video, “Yo si soy Cubana ! Y tu?! Coño!”

The amusing 12-second promo made an overwhelming amount of Latinos ecstatic that she let her Cuban side fly free.

Others had no idea she spoke Spanish. Many asserted their kitchens remain clean no matter where they’re from!

“I’m screaming. I’ve never heard you speak Spanish,” another fan commented.

“Portuguese women too,” another chimed in. “I’m not Cuban, but I wash my dishes… By the way, I’m Spanish and Puerto Rican,” said a fourth user.

“I’m Boricua and I like my kitchen clean too,” commented a fifth fan.

More joined in to express: “I wash my dishes, but I’m Honduran,” and “I’m Mexican… and yes… I wash dishes!”

Other celebs like Camila Cabello and Rita Wilson found the video hilarious.

Some even said the video brought back memories of being scolded by their relatives.

“Just got that PTSD from my mother,” said a commenter. Another joked, “Flash back to my grandma reading me my [legal documents] at 13 years old.”

Mendes was recently raving over her longtime partner Ryan Gosling’s new role as Ken in Greta Gerwig’s “Barbie.”

She even admitted during an interview with “The Talk” last week that she asked for his “Ken” underwear from the viral promo picture and was actually wearing the briefs there at the studio. 

“Well first of all I saw the photo, and the 14-year-old in me was like ahhh,” she revealed. “But you know it’s a funny photo, and he’s trying to be funny, so it worked on all levels, but when I saw it — he sent it to me from work — I said, ‘Can I please have that underwear? Please, I never ask for anything,’” she said gleefully.

Using the same viral poster of Gosling with the famed briefs on her own Instagram post, she captioned it, “So. F. Funny. So. F. Good. So F excited for you to see this…#Thatsmyken.”