Ryan Gosling describing his intense love for arroz con leche was certainly not on our 2022 bingo card, but here we are — and his passion for the classic Latino dessert may be giving us quite a bit of taquicardia right about now.

The 41-year-old Canadian actor sat down with Netflix Latinoamérica to talk about everything under the sun, including his role as Sierra Seis in the streaming service’s new movie “The Gray Man.” 

While the action-thriller film is all about CIA secrets, assassins and spine-chilling chases, Gosling’s talk with Netflix Latinoamérica was decidedly much more chill — as in, digging for the actor’s favorite word in Spanish, and his thoughts on whether ghosts wear clothes (really).

Our first jewel from the sit-down talk was surprising: Gosling’s favorite dessert in the world is arroz con leche. But not just any grocery-store arroz con leche — partner Eva Mendes’ mother’s version that is like “an angel crying on your tongue.” La suegra’s cooking is always the best!

Next up, the “Drive” actor’s favorite word in Spanish — which he might not want to say in front of his aforementioned suegra. He can’t get enough of the word “coño,” explaining, “Everything is ‘coño, coño,’ like ‘coño’ is always there for you.” We never thought about it that way, but it really does add a special Valentina sauce-like spice to all our sentences.

Ok, so now the question on everybody’s minds: has Gosling seen all of his memes online? Although the actor does not have social media, he definitely has seen the memes, admitting that his favorite involves him in Disneyland with a bunch of cats. Case (finally) solved!

Gosling also dove into his favorite subject matter, ghosts. He says he can talk about whether ghosts wear clothes or not for an eternity. Meanwhile, he was actually inspired to start acting after watching Marlena become possessed in “Days Of Our Lives,” so the actor certainly doesn’t shy away from the eerie.

While Gosling describes his character in “The Gray Man” as someone who “wishes he was not a spy and would rather be watching a spy movie on Netflix,” it’s clear the “Barbie” actor is very much on board with his own life. Happily together with Mendes for 11 years and two daughters, and all the “angel crying” arroz con leche he could ever want — goals.