Christian Nodal, 25, just surprised fans by appearing without his face tattoos. The “Ya No Somos Ni Seremos” singer posted a set of Instagram photos that show he may have removed his money bag, rose, spiderweb, and horseshoe tattoos across his cheeks and forehead. Yes, Nodal is back to the baby face of his “Me Dejé Llevar” days:

Ahead, find what we know so far about the Mexican singer’s possible face tattoo removal, his past comments that pointed to the procedure, and the famous actor who fans keep comparing him to.

Fans say that Nodal is “giving” 90s Johnny Depp vibes without his face tattoos

Nodal previously admitted to being “addicted” to tattoos, and has reportedly gotten inked 30 times.

The singer once revealed that his money bag forehead tattoo symbolized Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. He told Adrián Uribe on “De Noche pero sin Sueño” that Villa was the inspiration behind his 2022 album “Forajido,” and that the tattoo symbolized Villa giving back to el pueblo.

Meanwhile, Nodal’s “X” tattoo represented the anime series “One Piece,” which he “loves.” It also served as a “symbol of friendship” for him, since his friend group got the tattoos done together.

The red triangles across the singer’s cheeks and nose were designed by Sonora artist Mina Barnett. The artist stated that it was a “tradicional Comcaac” design, referring to the Indigenous group of Sonora, Mexico. She also said that the tattoo symbolized warrior protection.

Nodal embraced his face tattoos as a way to carve out his identity, telling Life and Style: “I take my passions to the next level. Maybe having tattoos on my face seems extreme… [But] I love tattoos and that’s why when I see myself I think, ‘That’s me.'”

He also noted how people he worked with didn’t want him to tarnish his image— but he pushed back. “They told me so many times to wait until my next album to have visible tattoos,” he recalled. “They wanted me to be what everyone expected from a Regional [Mexican] singer, and no one let me be [me].”

However, by May 2023, Nodal began to change his tune. That month, he told interviewers on “Lo Sé Todo Colombia”: “I’m going to open a tattoo shop in L.A., but I would like my daughter to meet my [real] face.”

People en Español reported that Nodal also stated: “That era in my life is over… Thank God, you can remove tattoos.”

Now that Nodal is officially a dad alongside his partner Cazzu, 30, maybe removing his face tattoos just felt right? As per his new Instagram pictures, it seems like he wasn’t kidding about the removals— well, unless he’s just covering the tattoos with makeup.

In the meantime, though, fans can’t stop comparing his new look to 90s-era Johnny Depp, 60. Do you see it?