After the Depp v. Heard trial that rocked the world for almost two months, Johnny Depp’s fans celebrated his huge win — and subsequently gave the actor’s lawyer Camille Vasquez a place in the spotlight.

Now, the Colombian-Cuban lawyer is set to defend Depp again in another court case set for July. 

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Vasquez will once again defend the “Pirates of the Caribbean” actor in court, but this time, it has nothing to do with Heard.

Depp was sued by location manager Gregg ‘Rocky’ Brooks back in 2018, who he worked with on the set of the film “City of Lies.” The Los Angeles lawsuit alleges that Depp punched Brooks twice in the ribcage in April 2017.

According to the lawsuit, Depp asked Brooks to punch him in the face afterwards, and offered him $100,000 if he did it. Brooks says the event caused him “emotional distress” and that the legendary actor smelled like alcohol when it happened. 

The trial is set for July 25, and both Vasquez and lawyer Randall Smith will defend the actor.

Meanwhile, Brooks is also suing the film’s director and producers, and is seeking “unspecified damages” if he wins in court. The location manager also states he was fired from the movie set for not promising he would not file a lawsuit.

In official documents, Brooks explains that Depp’s actions were “intentional and malicious” and meant to make him “suffer humiliation,” and that the actor’s “intoxication and temper created a hostile, abusive and unsafe work environment.”

However, Depp says Brooks “provoked” others.

The “City of Lies” script supervisor Emma Danoff says she has proof the altercation is nothing like Brooks describes it as. In fact, Danoff’s declaration states Brooks began saying “racial and derogatory slurs” to an African-American homeless woman, all the while Depp was close by. At that point, the actor intervened.