Christian Nodal is admittedly “addicted” to tattoos — with some fans estimating the singer has around 30 total.

The 24-year-old Mexican crooner loves getting inked, even though some of his listeners have expressed surprise at his face tattoos. It’s true, the “Botella Tras Botella” star is down for a good face tat, including a money bag design on his forehead, an “X” on his cheekbone and a rose under his eye.

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Whether you’re here for the face tattoos, each is deeply significant for the singer. For example, the money bag represents his EP “Forajido,” inspired by Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa. On the other hand, all his best friends got the same “X” tattoo symbolizing their friendship.

Plus, the “Aquí Abajo” star once shared that his face tattoos make him feel more like himself. However, it seems like Nodal might remove them once and for all.

Christian Nodal hinted that he might remove his face tattoos for an adorable reason

The Sonorense sat down with “Lo Sé Todo Colombia” sharing a few surprising details about his future plans. For one, as you can see in the interview’s video, Nodal is actually planning on opening a tattoo shop in L.A. We see you being a cool dad!

However, his next statement in the clip happened to be much juicier.

As you might know, Nodal is expecting a child with his girlfriend, Argentine rapper, Cazzu. He referenced his excitement about the arrival of their baby, telling the outlet, “I’m going to open a tattoo shop in L.A., but I would like my daughter to meet my [real] face.”

Aside from surprising fans with the removal of his tattoos, Nodal may have accidentally revealed the sex of his future child. The couple had previously kept it under wraps, but in the clip, the singer clearly said the word “daughter.”

Later he backpedaled and said they “don’t know yet.” Okay — but what did he mean by wanting his baby to “meet his real face”?

According to Univision, the singer later said in his press conference in Bogotá that he is ready to end this “era” in his life and start fresh.

“That era in my life is over,” he said. “I always do things from the heart, and I wanted to [tattoo my face] at that moment. But thank God, you can remove tattoos. There’s a solution for everything except death.”

Nodal’s face tattoos have always been deeply symbolic

Each of Nodal’s face tattoos is deeply symbolic.

Apart from the meanings behind the “X” and the money bag on his face, Nodal’s tattoo of a line with red triangles across his nose and cheeks was designed by Sonora artist Mina Barnett. The artist explained that it is a traditional Comcaac design that represents protection for warriors.

Meanwhile, some of the singer’s fans theorize that each side has a secret meaning. The left side of his face tattoos represent his “spiritual” side, including flowers. Meanwhile, the right side is more about his values — such as love and friendship:

Nodal wasn’t kidding when he described them as an important part of this “era” in his life.

In an interview with Life and Style, he shared that he fought to get those tattoos. He explained to the outlet that his friend and tattoo artist, Oliver Venegas, actually “refused” to tattoo Nodal at first.

“They told me so many times to wait until I released my next album to get any visible tattoos, and [wanted me] to repress my personality,” the singer told the outlet.

While he’s said he finally felt like “himself” after getting tattoos, the Mexican singer also saw it as a political and artistic statement.

Adding, “They wanted me to be what everyone expected from a regional Mexican singer, and one let me [be me].”

More of a fan of Christian Nodal’s tats now? No matter anyone else’s opinions on them, it seems like he’s over that time in his life — and very much in with the new.