This week, Bella Hadid, 27, took to Instagram Stories to wish her boyfriend, Adan Banuelos, 35, a happy birthday. The model posted several photos with the Mexican-American equestrian, writing, “Happy birthday my love.” The pictures included snaps of the couple kissing at an equestrian competition, snuggling up in front of fireworks, and giving vaquero vibes in matching cowboy hats:

So how did the fashion model and acclaimed equestrian meet? Ahead, find all the details we know so far about the couple’s love story, and how they “find comfort in the simple things.”

Who is Bella Hadid’s equestrian boyfriend Adan Banuelos?

As per Harper’s Bazaar, Banuelos is a Mexican-American equestrian and horse trainer, and comes from a long line of horsemen. In fact, his father, Ascension Banuelos, is the first Mexican-American inducted into the National Cutting Horse Association Hall of Fame.

Banuelos’ website notes: “Growing up in a large Mexican-American family, he was taught the importance of family, hard work, and how to be a horseman.” It also states that Banuelos “idolizes” his father, describing how he has “credited him immensely” for his equestrian success. The 35-year-old is based in Fort Worth, Texas.

As per his website, Banuelos specializes in training horses and riders. He also has several accolades, including NCHA Leading Open Rider titles, $5 million in competition earnings, and he’s a National Cutting Horse Association Rider Hall of Fame inductee.

So how did Hadid and Banuelos meet? It probably has something to do with the couple’s shared love of horses. Hadid grew up riding horses and has recently participated in equestrian competitions. And according to Entertainment Tonight, her mother, Yolanda Hadid, set them up. Mother knows best!

As per PEOPLE, Hadid once aimed to compete as an equestrian in the Olympics, but quit her passion in 2016 due to her Lyme disease diagnosis. “I have been riding since I could walk,” she told Porter. “And the fact that my mom knew everything about horses really helped my passion grow.”

On Instagram, she often posts photos with her horses, captioning countless posts with, “I love these animals,” “Dreaming of this,” and “My happy place.”

What to know about Hadid and Banuelos’ relationship timeline so far

As per Cosmopolitan, Hadid and Banuelos were first spotted cuddling up together on October 17, 2023. TMZ reported that the two were “making out,” holding hands, and doing a little shopping around Fort Worth.

By January 24, Hadid posted photos after competing in an equestrian event— and included a picture holding hands with a man that looks a lot like Banuelos. She captioned the slideshow post, “Feel lucky enough to have the opportunity to keep learning in life.”

On Valentine’s Day, Hadid posted a picture of herself with Banuelos on her Instagram Stories, writing, “My Valentine.” Yes, we have a hard launch!

That month, the supermodel posted photos that gave fans a peek at her October 2023 birthday celebration. From the looks of it, she spent her birthday among horses, posing for photos in a stable and hanging out with Banuelos:

In February, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Bella and Adan are in love and her family and friends have never seen her this happy.”

Calling Banuelos “a hard-working real cowboy,” the source revealed, “Bella loves how supportive Adan is of her career and fits into her life.” They added, “The two always have a great time together and find comfort in the simple things. Bella’s mom, Yolanda, set them up.”

By March, the couple attended The American Performance Horseman event in Arlington, Texas, where Banuelos competed. And we got lots of paparazzi snaps:

Later that month, TMZ reported that Hadid bought a house in Banuelos’ neighborhood in Fort Worth, Texas. The vaquera life chose her!

And this week, Hadid made her love even more official by posting a slew of photos of Banuelos on his birthday. The cowboy has also posted about Hadid on his own IG Stories, saying how “proud” he is of her own equestrian accomplishments:

Will they tie the knot in a “huge plot of land in Allende, Nuevo León”? To be continued!