Fans have many thoughts when it comes to Anuel AA and all those indirectas he keeps firing at ex Karol G.

While the “Sola” reggaetonero made headlines earlier this week for mentioning Karol G’s alleged boyfriend Feid at a recent concert, things have worsened. According to Telemundo, Anuel made several hints about the Bichota throughout his Miami concert, even mentioning her native Colombia.

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Additionally, while several fans believed the “Delincuente” rapper had removed his huge back tattoo of himself with the “TQG” songstress, it seems he hasn’t. Fans noticed he might still sport the infamous couple tattoo when he took off his shirt in concert.

What we’re all wondering is—did he show it off on purpose? While the debate’s still out on that, many fans are calling the rapper out for profiting from Karol G’s fame. Especially after the release of his new music.

First up, let’s step into the Karol G tattoo debate

In a video circulating social media, the “Real Hasta la Muerte” star removed his shirt during his Miami concert while poking fun at his tattoos. Telling fans, “Take advantage and record because my tattoos aren’t done yet,” seemingly making a tongue-in-cheek statement about his back tattoo.

From the video, you can partially spot the tattoo with Karol G—and it doesn’t look as covered as many thought. In fact, some outlets reported that Anuel’s ex, Yailin La Más Viral, posted about him covering the tattoo with wings—but it still looks pretty intact.

On TikTok, not everyone seems convinced. One video claims to have clearly seen the O.G. tattoo on Anuel’s back, with one fan commenting, “It looks like he covered her face with a dog’s face.” Another fan agreed.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, at least one person also sees a dog’s face instead of the Latin Grammy Award winner. While the jury’s still out on that, a closer look at the tattoo in the video does seem to show the Medellín native’s face with sunglasses— just much more shaded in than the original version.

Anuel AA keeps firing shots at Karol G and her alleged new boyfriend Feid—but is he just trying to “facturar”?

At this point, you might think, “Pobrecito, he probably just got a bit hot mid-concert and took off his shirt.” However, while Anuel might not have purposefully shown off his Karol tattoo, he mentioned her several times during his concert.

As shown in a video, he asked the audience, “Are las bebecitas active tonight? How about las bichotas?” while laughing. The term “bebecita” is what he famously called Karol G, including in their debut collaboration,”Secreto,”and “bichota” is how the Colombian artist identifies herself and her global fan base.

Anuel also introduced his song “Secreto” in a way that rang the alarms. He told the audience, “Let’s make noise all the way to Colombia,” which is, of course, where Karol G hails from. Interesting.

On IG, Anuel basically confirmed he did sing “Será que Feid la dejó?” while performing his track “Más Rica Que Ayer” in concert. Earlier this week, fans suspected Anuel changed the lyrics while singing it to shoot an indirecta at Karol and her probable-boyfriend Feid. While the debate was out, Anuel settled the matter by posting this IG caption: “Será q feid la dejoooooooooooo 🥰🥰🥰🥰.” Not so subtle.

Moreover, Anuel’s recent songs “Más Rica Que Ayer” and “Triste Verano” both seem to mention Karol G. For one, both songs constantly mention the nickname “bebecita,” which Anuel often called his ex. Still, his verse on “Triste Verano” is more obvious. The rapper sings about “having sex in the dressing room in the stadium” of his ex’s concert.

Which other one of his exes has stadium concerts? He also mentions how “all the songs on the radio” remind him of her. Guessing from Karol G’s impeccable chart-topping tracks, we get what he means.

This is what fans think of all of Anuel’s possible indirectas at Karol G

While Anuel AA continues to shoot possible indirectas at Karol G and Feid in his new songs, IG captions, and concerts, fans have thoughts. In fact, most people don’t seem to be here for it—and many believe it’s all a marketing tactic.

One IG commenter wrote, “Poor Anuel, he has to name other people to have hype.” Another agreed, “Someone here is facturando,” while yet another added, “Anuel is trying to recover his career by embarrassing himself.” Oof. This one took the cake, “Anuel needed Karol G’s fans to push his career up.”

Many seem to believe Anuel’s stunts can be narrowed down to publicity. Others are angry about him seemingly mentioning “La Bichota” and Feid.

One person fired shots on Anuel’s recent IG post, commenting, “The toxic one, the one that didn’t value her, got married, had two more kids and now sees that she’s happy.” Others instead focused on Feid: “I understand you. I would also be obsessed with Feid 💚.” Ouch.

Many fans have urged Anuel to keep Feid out of it. Others are defending him by saying Karol G has “released two songs” as a tiradera to him, and he has the right to talk about his ex.

Still, this seems to sum up most fans’ thought processes right now: