Maluma and Anuel AA premiered “Diablo Qué Chimba,” their first collaboration, at a concert during the Puerto Rican artist’s show in Miami this weekend. 

No one expected Papi Juancho to be one of the guest artists of the night, and the Kaseya Arena exploded in screams and applause when he appeared on stage.

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Farruko and Wisin also joined the Bebecito party. However, a fan carrying the Pride Flag, emblematic of the LGBTQ+ community, stole the show.

A powerful gesture of support for the LGBTQ+ community

Everything happened after Maluma and Anuel AA had already sung their song together.

Maluma was performing his hit “Hawaii” when suddenly, a man came on stage, waving the rainbow flag. The security guards rushed to take him down, but Maluma and Anuel AA demonstrated their commitment to the community and equality.

The first to react was Maluma, who protected the man. Then came Anuel, who was on the other side of the stage, and hugged him. The two flanked him and continued with the show while the fan continued waving his flag, and the audience stood up to give them a standing ovation.

It was a truly moving moment 

To see these two alpha males, who represent a music genre known for its machismo, celebrate Pride with joy is a powerful symbol. As many activists have said, the behavior of allies is an essential part of the fight to end discrimination, abuse, and violence against members of the LGBTQ+ community. 

You can’t get better and more symbolic allies than Maluma and Anuel AA.

While that was one of the most inspiring parts of the show, it wasn’t the only one 

Farruko and Anuel AA also had a vulnerable moment. The Boricua star showed several times that his moniker of “Real hasta la muerte” really represents how he goes through life from a place of authenticity and a genuine desire for personal growth.

At some point, the whole arena started to chant “Karol G, Karol G.” Anuel cracked up and yelled, “Bebecitaa,” and all hell broke loose, and then he said: “La Bebecita is going to be moved when she sees this,” before singing “Secreto.”


la bebesita se va a emocionar cuando vea esto.. procede a cantar culpables😍😍😍😍 te amoooo #fyp #fypシ #anuelaa #anuelaaconcert #legendsneverdie #anuelaaconcertorlando #orlandoflorida #greenscreenvideo #karolg

♬ sonido original – val

And then the balloons fell — and with them the chisme. Many fans think Anuel mentioned Feid, Karol G’s alleged new boyfriend, stoking fan rumors.

While all that was going on, Yailín, Anuel’s ex, was crying her eyes out during an Ana Gabriel concert in the Dominican Republic. Hours later, she recorded herself singing a Feid song.

However, having Maluma and Anuel celebrate Pride may have been the wholesome thing of the weekend; after all, Love is Love.