Anuel AA just released a new song with fellow Puerto Rican reggaetonero Eladio Carrión, and it’s a sad-perreo track we’ll surely have on repeat the summer. The song is titled “Triste Verano,” and seems to play on Bad Bunny’s “Un Verano Sin Ti”— to the point where the two stars actually sing “Verano sin ti, me tienes aquí” in the chorus.

However, that’s not the only subliminal message in the song. In fact, fans suspect Anuel’s verse might be a “tiradera” to ex Karol G.

Fans are up in arms in Anuel’s Instagram comments, with most suspecting the song must be about the “TQG” singer. This isn’t the first time this happens — they also found a few Karol G Easter eggs in Anuel’s song “Más Rica Que Ayer,” which he released last month. That track featured lines like: “Bebecita, you’re better than before/ It was so good seeing you again,” which sounded the alarms for fans who know Anuel always called his ex his “bebecita.” Still, fans think “Triste Verano” is even more on the nose than his last release — and the reggaetonero‘s comments section is pretty much a dumpster fire right now.

What to know about Anuel AA’s interesting verse in his new song “Triste Verano”


Anuel manda este mensaje a Karol G en la nueva cancion con Eladio Carrion “Triste Verano”. #anuel #karolg #eladiocarrion #tristeverano

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The new song is a melancholy bop, and Anuel’s verse in it definitely matches the mood. After singing alongside Carrión, “Going crazy because you won’t come back, another summer without you,” his own verse becomes much more specific. For one, he starts off by saying he doesn’t like recording sad songs anymore — he sings that he did it for Carrión and producer DJ Luian.

As you probably know, Karol G has released many radio hits this year after releasing her album “Mañana Será Bonito” in February. Do you ever feel like you can’t go anywhere without hearing a Karol G song? Well, apparently, Anuel feels the same way. In his new verse, he sings: “All the songs on the radio remind me of you”— and, well… that checks.

Still not convinced? Trust us – it gets even more specific… almost too specific. He sings, “[Having sex] in the dressing room at the arena at your concert.” Has Anuel dated anyone else who sings concerts at arenas? Cue cricket noises.

Afterward, Anuel admits he “pretends she didn’t hurt him,” and puts an “hijuep*ta” face so no one suspects his pain. He belts, “Come back, this crazy guy needs you.” No wonder his fanbase is going pretty insane right now.

This is what Anuel AA’s fans think about his verse in the new track

In the new song, Anuel asks the person to “talk to him when she is alone,” and reminds her that “you can never forget the real thing.” Hm.

He also mentions the nickname “bebecita” twice, singing, “You will always be the bebecita.” As you might know, that’s his famous name for ex Karol G, which he sang several times in their duet together “Secreto.”

If fans were going crazy about the possible “tiradera” in his March 2023 track “Más Rica Que Ayer,” this is next level. Just look at the comments on his IG post promoting the song — almost all the most-voted comments are squarely about Karol G.

One user wrote, “For Karol G brrrrr,” poking fun at the sound effect Anuel does in most of his songs. Another agreed, “👏Definitely for Karol G, 🔥” receiving more than 1,500 likes on their comment alone. Yet another joked, “This album should have been called Karol G,” and well, LOL. Countless others’ comments echoed this one: “Another song for Karol G.”

However, others aren’t as convinced. Yes, this song is surely meant to at least make us believe he isn’t over Karol G… but is it just marketing? One fan wrote, “In my point of view, this is marketing. I love Anuel, I’m his fan, but who wouldn’t do the same to use something like this to keep making millions?” Fair point.

Still, one reporter recently took one for the team when he tried to interview Anuel

Either way, no one knows for sure what’s really on Anuel’s mind right now — but one reporter surely tried. As you can see in this now-viral TikTok video, a reporter asked the reggaetonero everything we want to know. And yes, he proved not all heroes wear capes:


@leonelalleguesrey fue el único que se atrevió a preguntar sobre #KarolG a #AnuelAA 😱 Anuel, ¿sigues amando a Karol G?

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In the video, the reporter tells Anuel, “Congratulate Karol G on her success,” and Anuel just replies, “Rompiste, oíste,” ironically applauding him for his question. The reporter then asks, “Your song is clearly for [Karol G] right? Do you still love Karol G? Would you record a song with Karol G?” As you can expect, Anuel stops replying— but the video is gold.

As one commenter wrote, “Someone give this man a raise, I been wanted to ask Anuel these questions myself 😂” and… same. Another agreed, “Reporter understood the assignment.” Our favorite comment? “Someone needs to do this to my ex.”