Anuel AA just spoke out about his 9-month-old daughter Gianella over on Instagram. The reggaeton singer finally recognized her as his child, asserting, “I would never abandon a daughter.”

The “Secreto” singer made headlines last year when a 28-year-old Colombian-American woman named Melissa Vallecilla claimed she was carrying his child. According to the former finance student, she and Anuel met at a party hosted by Drake in Houston back in September 2021, and… well, one thing led to another — and she was pregnant.

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Two positive paternity tests proved Anuel AA was indeed the father, but it took almost a year since Gianella’s birth for him to own up to his mistakes. Now, the reggaetonero is vowing to be “100% present” for her.

Everything to know about Anuel’s relationship to daughter Gianella and her mother Melissa Vallecilla

While the reggaetonero once said his baby Cattleya with ex-wife Yailin La Más Viral would be his first daughter, Gianella was actually born months before. The problem was that he didn’t recognize her as his child. Back in February, Vallecilla called Anuel AA an “animal” for not wanting to meet his own daughter. At the time, she told Telemundo that the singer was paying her “child support” but had never met Gianella. He had never even called Vallecilla, and asked the mother to take his last name away from the baby.

Meanwhile, the reggaetonero posted an IG Live earlier this year, telling Vallecilla, “If you think you’re going to make a movie bien cabr*na to be famous or take millions from me… If that was the plan, you crashed into a wall, because [that’s not going to work].”

However, it seems like Anuel AA has finally changed his tune and seen the light— at least where fatherhood is concerned. He captioned his most recent Instagram post alongside his 9-year-old son Pablo with, “You have two beautiful sisters and soon we will all be together.” As you can expect, fans zeroed-in on the caption real quick. While the star had neither confirmed or denied fathering Gianella, this was the first time he wholeheartedly admitted being her father.

This is what Anuel AA had to say about his 9-month-old daughter with Vallecilla

The “Delincuente” singer took to the comments section under his post to “apologize” to his fans for not being present for his daughter Gianella sooner. He wrote, “I could never abandon a daughter, no matter the circumstances… my heart doesn’t give me the option to abandon or not love a daughter.”

Clearly talking about the 9-month-old, he continued, “She is my daughter and I love her without even seeing her yet.”

So what inspired him to be there for Gianella after months of no contact? Surprisingly, the birth of his daughter Cattleya with ex-wife Yailin La Más Viral last month. He explained, “Since I saw [Cattleya] for the first time, the love I understood with her opened my eyes to being present for my other daughter.” He went on, “If [Gianella] is mine, well then she’s mine.”

The singer also apologized to fans who began to see him as a “bad person”

In a separate post Anuel shared to his IG Story, he apologized to fans who were “disappointed” he did not step up to the plate for his daughter sooner. Talking to people who began to see him as a “bad person,” he said the situation was different than what it seemed. The singer wrote, “I didn’t handle the situation correctly because it occurred with so much evil and lies against me.”

With that, Anuel AA referred to the constant rumors accusing him of abandoning his child, and questions about whether he was Gianella’s father in the first place. To add insult to injury, both Anuel and Vallecilla have shown animosity to each other in interviews.

Still, the singer owned up to his mistakes. He wrote, “I should have picked up my daughter since she was born, been 100% present for her from her first breath, but no one is born knowing everything.”

As he explains it, his “anger consumed him,” and he “failed himself and his values because his “daughters and son deserve to have a present, loving mother and father.”

Anuel explained that even though he is no longer with his kids’ mothers, it “doesn’t matter.” As he put it, “Children aren’t to blame for their parents’ problems.”

By the end of the message, the Puerto Rican rapper promised to be a “better father” and a “better human” everyday. He finished off his message with, “We all make mistakes… but I learned to not repeat them.”

The singer did have a few harsh words for Vallecilla, too

Still, it’s not all roses and butterflies in Anuelland today: part of his comment under his IG post also accused Vallecilla for speaking to the media in an “evil” way. He said, “I respect [ex-wife Yailin La Más Viral] for the negative, evil way [Vallecilla] came out saying she was in a relationship with me for 8, 9, 10 months when I only saw her for 4 or 5 hours.”

He said he always chose to stay quiet until that IG Live, where he called her a liar. Looking back at their night together, Anuel AA described, “It was only a night of sex… that’s it. Also, that happened when I had not met [Yailin] and I wasn’t with [Karol G] either. I had been single for a year.”

Pointing to Vallecilla without saying her name, he said the “time periods” did not cross like she said they did. In short, he asserted he only saw Vallecilla once, and he never cheated on either of his ex-partners.

No matter the story, he swore to be responsible for all three of his kids, giving them a “good future” and a “life full of love.”