Angela Aguilar, 19, is involved in another photo scandal she has nothing to do with, and she’s speaking out. While alleged intimate photos of the “En Realidad” singer are circling social media, Aguilar just called them “fake photomontages.”

The star took to Instagram to speak out about the alleged photos

The Mexican-American star wrote on Instagram that it’s “sad” to see people “attacking and discrediting women’s careers” by creating fake photos. While she usually “stays quiet” regarding scandals because she prefers to “express her heart” with music, this time, it’s different.

With several gossip sites reporting on the photos, Aguilar is choosing to “raise [her] voice and use [her] platform” for her and others in similar situations. She wrote, “Not just for me, but for all the people who have suffered cyber harassment.”

She reminded her fans to always “raise their voice” and not let anyone bring them down. “Together, we have more conscience.”

Aguilar also brought up the Olimpia Law in Mexico

The L.A.-born singer finished off her message by saying her legal team is taking control of the matter. Meanwhile, she captioned her post with “#LeyOlimpia,” referring to the Mexican law that criminalizes digital violence. In fact, under the law, people that sexually harass others online can receive jail time or fines. This includes sharing real or fake intimate photos without that person’s consent.

The Olimpia Law is named after Mexican activist Olimpia Coral Melo, who tried to commit suicide after an intimate video leaked without her consent. Years later, she helped bring the law to life, which promises to help people in similar situations. In that way, Aguilar’s caption showed solidarity with the activist and other victims.

Over on Instagram, Aguilar’s fans are supporting her. One user wrote, “What they’re doing to Angela is [shameless]… 😡😡😡😡.” Another commented, “The best thing to do is ignore the negative vibes, you’re a princess.”

Even Olimpia Coral Melo herself commented on the post, writing, “You’re not alone. Your voice… echoes. Lots of people’s strength is at your side.”

Here’s what father Pepe Aguilar had to say about the alleged crime against his daughter

Meanwhile, her father Pepe Aguilar said that his daughter is a “victim” and thanked God there is a law that protects her. “There are people starting out, who are fragile, and it isn’t fair for these things to happen.”

The Mexican icon said the perpetrator “crossed a line” and used “artificial intelligence” as a “hate campaign” against his daughter. He also mentioned that while they have a platform to speak out, other victims do not.

Aguilar explained that “anyone can be a victim of this,” and that anyone “discrediting” and “exhibiting” someone in this way should be “punished.”

He also described that Angela wants to help others in similar situations and that people “should not normalize” creating fake intimate content.

Unfortunately, Aguilar has dealt with leaked content in the past. Back in April 2022, alleged photos of her kissing 33-year-old composer Gussy Lau circulated online. The singer posted a video on her Instagram saying she felt “saddened and disappointed” and that her “soul hurt.”

She said the photos were released without her consent, and that she “trusted someone that [she] should not have trusted.”

Back then, she talked about others robbing her of the power to decide over her own “life, body,” and image. Now, it’s deeply unfortunate and disappointing to see it’s happening again.