In truly disheartening news, Mexican powerhouse singer Ángela Aguilar has fallen victim to leaked photos that are now causing harm to both her personal life and career. The 18-year-old “Dime Cómo Quieres” singer took to Instagram to address the situation, explaining that the photos of her kissing 33-year-old composer Gussy Lau have affected her personally and financially.

As Aguilar explained herself in a recent Instagram video, she feels “sad” and “violated” at the invasion of her privacy, and her “soul hurts.” She “did not agree” for the photos to be released, and feels like she was robbed of the opportunity to make decisions about her own “life, body, or image.” 

So who leaked the photos in the first place? Aguilar said, “It hurts that I trusted a person I should not have trusted. It hurts that I was [deceived] by a person… I never thought [would do that].” While no one is currently sure who exactly broke the singer’s trust and leaked the photos of her and Lau, it’s clear they were once in Aguilar’s close circle. 

Meanwhile, Lau appeared on an Instagram Live video with @chamonic3 that quickly made the rounds on social media, sharing more details about the alleged relationship and the story behind the photos.

He said, “obviously [a photo] is circulating of me and Angela… I uploaded it to my close friends [Instagram story].” He revealed, “we have been together… since mid-February… everything is being [done] privately.” That being said, one of Lau’s “close friends” took a screenshot of the story (which was actually originally a video), and they went viral – leading to what Lau calls “defamation.”

The “En Realidad” singer shared that it’s not just about the images — the situation has affected her “professionally… economically,” in her personal life and within her family. In the video, she talks about “making a mistake,” but also says that she now identifies with any woman who has “suffered abuse,” or anyone who has fallen victim to leaked photos without consent.

She says that it hurts to be “the victim of betrayal,” and that it is an invasion of her “right to choose” the course of her life.

Aguilar also talked about how her decision power over sharing details about her personal life was taken away. While the video never confirmed or denied rumors about her possible relationship with Lau, fans on social media have taken the leaked photos as confirmation of a romance. That being said, many are now questioning their 15-year age gap. 

One Twitter user wrote “something about angela aguilar dating a 33 year old when she’s literally 18 doesn’t sit right with me,” while another agreed, “33 year old dating fresh 18 year old Angela Aguilar is weird af.”

Meanwhile, others believe that as an 18-year-old, Aguilar is an adult who should be trusted to make her own decisions when it comes to relationships. A Twitter user said, “Hate how everyone is judging Angela Aguilar for dating an older man… bruh it’s her life y’all need to sit tf [down].”

Aguilar has neither confirmed nor denied the possible romance with Lau.