You might remember 18-year-old singer Ángela Aguilar’s leaked photo scandal that showed the star kissing composer Gussy Lau, 33, just last month. 

Pointing to an alleged relationship between the two, the “photos” were initially shared to Lau’s “Close Friends” Instagram story as a video. Lau told @chamonic3 in an Instagram Live interview that someone took screenshots of his story, which began to circulate around social media, and led to what he describes as “defamation.” Still, he said he had been in a relationship with Aguilar “since mid-February.”

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Meanwhile, Aguilar posted an Instagram video explaining that the photos made her feel “sad” and “violated,” and that the situation affected her personally and economically. About who actually leaked the screenshots, the “En Realidad” singer explained: “It hurts that I trusted a person I should not have trusted. It hurts that I was [deceived] by a person… I never thought [would do that].” 

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While Aguilar chose not to reveal the name of the person who broke their trust, she described how the events made her identify with any woman who “suffered abuse.”

Now, the singer’s father Pepe Aguilar is speaking out about the scandal and sharing exactly what hurts him the most about it. In an interview with Univision, Aguilar said what he wants is “his children’s wellbeing” and “never in his life would like his children to cry, suffer, or go through difficult situations.” Still, “that’s what, as a father, hurts… for your children to feel pain.”

The “Ni Contigo, Ni Sin Ti” powerhouse singer also explained that “there are other situations that will be talked about later on if needed.” 

Aguilar shared that he “felt like any other father” would feel about the leaked photos, but he “knows who his daughter is,” “loves her” and things are being dealt with within the family. About Ángela Aguilar, he said she is doing well, “is a star with a lot of light” and is “an artist that has her whole life ahead of her.”