Just as we thought Shakira‘s streak of epic bangers was through, she’s making us part of her world yet again.

Take a deep dive into the Barranquillera’s underwater fantasy, where every beat becomes a celebration of resilience, growth and artistic triumph.

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The Colombian singer, once again, ignites global excitement, proving that music creation is her ultimate therapy, conquering challenges like separation, a new home and even her father’s health issues.

On Thursday night, she unveiled a groundbreaking collaboration with urban sensation Manuel Turizo: ‘Copa Vacía.’ The anthem takes you on an exhilarating journey of transformation and evolution in Shakira’s life.

Shakira delved into the core of her creative process on her Instagram Broadcast channel, divulging all the juicy details about the music video. Watch in awe as she morphs into a captivating mermaid, vividly portraying the pain and suffering that arise from surrendering oneself to love.

In “Copa vacía” Shakira is reviving her inner fire and representing a symbolic voyage back to herself 

“I find the mermaid figure in this video highly symbolic, perfectly capturing this moment in my life. As many know, I’m on the road back to myself,” she reflected. “The mermaid in the video sacrifices much for love, ultimately finding herself in a dumpster surrounded by rats.”

Adding, “Eventually, she returns to her natural habitat. Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental.”

Shakira also expressed her deep affinity for the sea dates back many years. Besides dedicating herself to creating art, being near the water and engaging in activities like surfing and wakeboarding have positively impacted her life.

“Lately, I’ve been in the water so much that I feel like I’m growing scales,” she humorously quipped during the broadcast.

Honestly, we’re here for the mermaid references. Grow those scales, Shaki!

The lyrics are raw and reflect the agony of an unsatisfactory relationship

Opening with Shakira lying in a pile of trash near the ocean and surrounded by trash, poignant lyrics take the lead:

“You see it like this, at this rate, I can’t keep up. I don’t know what else to do to get more from you because you don’t want it when I want it. You’re colder than January, I yearn for warmth, but you only offer ice,” she sings in Spanish.

And she continues, “I’ve been thirsty for you for a while. I don’t know why I’m left wanting more, longing to drink from an empty cup.”

On Twitter, fans are already sharing their love for the new track. We’re on board with this user:

As this person Tweeted, Shaki “ultimately served.”

And let’s not forget about the incredible chemistry she shared with Manuel Turizo.

Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué stirred up controversy again with a joke, reaffirming his gentlemanly approach to dating

Recently, Shakira’s ex-partner, Gerard Piqué, sparked controversy with a playful remark to his fellow Kings League members. In a video shared on Twitter, the former soccer player discussed gentlemanly behavior and the ideal first date.

“First date. Obviously, the lady in question sits down first. Second, the woman always faces the restaurant, and the man faces the wall. This is what being a gentleman entails,” Piqué said.

Eager to discuss soccer rather than what they perceived as clichéd and outdated topics, their banter went on.

Meanwhile, mermaid Shaki continues swimming in her natural habitat.