For those of us who remember the Shakira of the 90s, her new single is a nod to the origins of those albums that conquered generations in Latin America.

After a successful crossover into the Anglo-Saxon industry, the Colombian singer has become an international star.

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However, since her latest 2017 studio album, “El Dorado,” her hits have been synonymous with heartbreak. From “Me Gusta,” her 2020 collaboration with Anuel AA, to “Te Felicito,” “Monotonía,” “Bizzarap Session 53,” and “TQG.”

But as her discography has well taught us, Shakira always has an inspiring takeoff after a valley of tears.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the singer released her first ballad in years, dedicated to her sons Milan and Sasha.

Under the title “Acróstico” — a verse whose initial letters makeup one or more words — the singer skirts the theme of separation from her ex-partner and the stages of grief.

However, beginning each verse with the letters of her children’s names, Shakira sings to Sasha and Milan, who are the source of her strength.

“You taught me that love is not a scam, that when it’s real, it doesn’t end,” she sings to Milan.

“Even if life treated me like this, I’m going to be strong just for you,” she continues.

For Sasha, the message is a lesson: “If things get damaged, you don’t throw them away. You fix them. Problems are faced and dealt with.”

Shakira seems ready to move on

Undoubtedly, “Acróstico” is a lesson in emotional intelligence. 

The Colombian singer, who shared with the world her painful last months, sends a message of acceptance as a lesson for her children.

But it is also a turning point in her process.

After her inspiring speech at the Billboard Women Music event, we are sure that resilience, at the very least, will inspire great songs.

In fact, sources close to the singer told mitú that Shakira has new material on the way.