Master seamstress Mariola Novak marked JLo’s birthday with a unique tribute that captivated the internet. She created a collection of Barbie dolls adorned in replicas of the superstar’s most iconic outfits.

Novak, a Polish designer with an ardent admiration for the “Jenny from the Block” singer, utilized several Barbies, including the original Jennifer Lopez Barbie, released in 2013, as her canvas. 

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She meticulously recreated dozens of the star’s best-known ensembles, including the awe-inspiring wedding dresses Lopez wore to marry Ben Affleck.

A work of love 

Novak showed the collection in a video that went viral on social media. One of the key highlights was a doll wearing a perfect miniature version of the wardrobe JLo donned in the promotional video for her upcoming album, “This Is Me… Now”, a sequel to her two-decade-old hit album “This is Me… Then.”

Novak had earlier paid homage to the 20-year milestone of “This is Me… Then,” creating Barbie dresses reflecting that era of Lopez’s life. Each doll was a testament to the artist’s attention to detail and passion for Lopez’s style evolution. 

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Of course, she has a Barbie in the famous Versace dress. She also has several more iconic red carpet-moments and magazine covers.

One of the standout pieces was a recreation of one of Lopez’s wedding dresses. It is an exquisite piece by Ralph Lauren featuring 1,000 hand-cut scarves. 

The craftsmanship involved in this endeavor underscores Novak’s dedication and artistic prowess.

JLo was blown away

Lopez was thrilled by the tribute, reposting the video and sharing her admiration for Novak’s work. This level of recognition from the diva herself further validates Novak’s talent and highlights the mutual respect between these two accomplished women.

Novak’s tribute to JLo is a testament to the singer’s lasting influence in fashion and the enduring love and support of her fans, who continue to find creative ways to celebrate her career.