Throughout the years, Jennifer Lopez has been one of the most stylish celebrities. Whether she’s attending an event or roaming around the city, the “I’m Real” star always looks put together.

The Bronx native recently graced the cover of Vogue Mexico. In the interview en Español, JLo got candid about her life. From her music to fashion, family and even the items she carries in her purse.

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JLo’s bag is full of surprises, including an inspiring scent

When asked about her green handbag, the “Marry Me” actress said that the purses she carries say a lot about her.

“It shows my own style,” she shared. “On different days, I have different purses. I have different styles and moods.”

The first thing JLo took out from her bag was her iPad in a white case with a screensaver picture of her twins, Max and Emme. She said having her iPad keeps her on top of things.

“A lot of people work with a laptop, but not me. I don’t know why; I love the iPad. Everything I do. All my notes. I’ve organized it all here, on my Ipad. All my texting of everything. Anything!”

She then took out a perfume oil and some rose gold sunglasses, which look similar to her signature sunglasses from the early 2000s. Her perfume oil was inside a clear glass bottle without a label, but she said it was a secret.

“It was part of what inspired my first fragrance, Glow,” she says. “I take it everywhere. It’s my signature scent.”

Her purse doubles as a working office

JLo shared how her purse is the heaviest on working days. She said when she’s on set, she tends to have all her scripts and sometimes even the book she’s reading.

When asked about the most surprising thing she would find in her purse, she said, “cash.” Adding, “Nobody carries money anymore.”

Additionally, Jenny from the block told Vogue if she could take anything with her to a deserted island, it be “music, chewing gum and something to eat.”

The one thing she wishes she could take with her though? Hubby, Ben Affleck

One thing JLo is never shy to flaunt is her husband, Ben Affleck. Let’s face it, after all the years they spent apart, it’s no surprise she’d love to put him in her purse and carry him everywhere.

“If I could stick someone in my purse to take everywhere it would be my husband,” she giggled. “But he wouldn’t like that, he’s too big.”

We’d pay to see a pocket-sized version of Affleck!