Companies like Mattel have done a good job expanding their selections of Barbie and Ken dolls to be more inclusive and representative of all their customers. But there’s nothing like a doll that looks exactly like you. Pink Crearte, a Mexican business founded in 2021 by Daniella Peimbert, is making exactly that.

All Daniella Peimbert wanted was a toy that looks like her

On Valentine’s Day 2021, Peimbert decided she wanted to be a doll. According to an interview with El Heraldo de Mexico, she created a custom design meant to look as much like her as possible. However, she actually impressed herself with the results and decided to post the doll on social media.

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People immediately began asking her if she could make a doll that looks like them. The rest is history.

Now, Pink Crearte is a thriving business

With over a million followers on TikTok alone, the team at Pink Crearte spent the last two years creating 1,400 dolls and posting them for the world to see.

Peimbert started the company in Mexico with her two childhood friends, Auria and Jennifer. As kids, the trio would pretend “to sell dolls all over the world,” according to the About page on their website. Today, Daniella manages a team of designers working on clothes, personalization, and even pets.

However, be ready for a hefty pricetag

Because the items are custom-made and handcrafted with care by a handful of artists, they do cost a pretty penny. According to their website, a custom doll of a man goes for $1,499. For women, the price is $1,699. Grandpas go for $1,599 whereas Grandmas are slightly more expensive at $1,750.

However, the company offers a variety of options. Pink Crearte can do a standard couple ($2,099), a whole family ($2,799), dolls of both Grandparents ($2,599), and dolls with accessories ($2,899). While that is most definitely more than the average Barbie doll, videos like this make it seem like they’re worth every cent.

See Pink Crearte’s creations for yourself…

It’s obvious this company does excellent work. Each doll feels distinct and created with meticulous attention to detail. On their TikTok, two videos of grandparent couples are some of their most popular. Here’s one that got over 1 million views.

In fact, both of the grandparent couples are adorable.

And yes, before you ask: there is a Bad Bunny doll.

However, the best videos are the ones where people open dolls that look like them or the people they love.

You can learn more about Pink Crearte on their official website. As of right now, Pink Crearte only ships in Mexico, but we’re crossing our fingers for US shipments soon.