Shakira just joined Fuerza Regida to release their collaboration, “El Jefe,” an ode to bad bosses, class divisions, and working “más que un cabr*n.” We knew mixing Shakira’s voice with regional Mexican sounds would be epic — but this song is a banger.

The music video is a ride, too, showing us Shakira and Fuerza Regida working in warehouses, dancing in alleys, and later, fighting back against the jefes in a fancy, black-tie dinner. And yes, at one point, Shakira alludes to her ex-suegro’s — ahem — extra long life. Move over, Bizarrap session:

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Still, the part that struck us the most was the end, when Shakira dedicates the song to longtime nanny, Lili Melgar. The Barranquilla-born singer states at the end of the video, “Lili Melgar, this song is for you. They didn’t give you severance pay.” At that point, the camera cuts to Melgar, looking straight at the camera in a crowd.

What does this all mean? Well, fans have theories.

The singer dedicated “El Jefe” to her longtime nanny, and fans have many thoughts

Once we heard Shakira dedicate “El Jefe” to Melgar, and talk about “severance pay,” we had to know more. Fans did, too, and many believe Melgar may have caught Shakira’s ex Gerard Piqué cheating on her with Clara Chia Martí:

El Mundo reports that Melgar is well-known as Shakira’s nanny, caring for her children Milan, 10, and Sasha, 8, for many years. However, Piqué is rumored to have fired Melgar back in 2022, and as Shakira sings in “El Jefe” — left her without severance pay.

Why? Well, as per the outlet, many believe that Melgar caught Piqué red-handed and told Shakira about it. Many fans believe the same:

In fact, a very juicy thread gives us all the chisme we needed on the situation. As per one X user‘s explanation, Melgar is the one who found out someone was eating Shakira’s strawberry jam while she wasn’t home. Of course, it turned out to be Clara Chia Marti, and well… it turned into quite the sticky situation.

As per the thread, Melgar may also have found another woman’s clothing in the home, which is when she alerted Shakira about all of it. At that point, Piqué may have fired her, and likely… not paid her accordingly.

Neither Shakira, Melgar, or Piqué have confirmed or denied this rumor. However, we do know Melgar was Milan and Sasha’s nanny for years, as evidenced in many paparazzi photos:

And as per the singer’s very own lyrics in “El Jefe,” someone didn’t give Melgar severance pay… and it doesn’t seem to have been Shakira.

This is how fans are reacting to the chisme, including Melgar’s own daughter

Over on X, fans can’t stop reacting to Melgar’s cameo in the “El Jefe” video, with one user writing: “Lili, thank you for opening our queen’s eye. I know she suffered, but you helped her become stronger.”

“Now the entire world knows your story. We owe you a lot,” the user added.

Countless more continue to compare Melgar’s appearance in the video to past paparazzi snaps:

As one X user put it, the one-time nanny is both Shakira’s “friend” and “her inspiration behind her new song”:

Even cooler, Melgar’s daughter, Dariana Melgar, continues to post her excitement about seeing her mom in the music video.

The proud daughter shared a screenshot of her mother’s cameo on X, writing, “I love you, mom.”

The daughter also shared that “despite everything,” Lili Melgar continues to work for Shakira — although we don’t know if she continues to work as the family nanny:

In yet another X post about the song, Dariana Melgar added, “This song is for you mom.”

Over on the daughter’s Instagram Stories, she also wrote, “This song is the end. Dedicated for my mom.”

She added, “What this song says is true,” so we’ll take her word for it!

Catch the full video here: