Gerard Piqué and girlfriend Clara Chía are suing Spanish reporter Jordi Martin for harassment.

The couple officially sued the paparazzo on May 10, with Piqué alleging that Martin took photos of them on private property.

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While Martin says he only takes photos in public spaces, Piqué and Chía demand restraining orders against him. In fact, they claim that the paparazzi following them has made them feel unsafe.

However, their court date yesterday didn’t exactly go as planned — and Martin just gave all the details.

Martin said that Chía “put on a show” and “cried” at court, citing mental health issues

The court appearance took place on June 7, where Spanish reporter Martin faced Piqué and Chía’s lawsuit. The couple presented their case at the Ciutat de la Justícia in Barcelona, asking the judge to agree to a 3,000-meter restraining order against Martin.

However, according to People En Español, Judge Miguel Ángel Tabares Cabezón established that the reporter was just doing his job. As the judge seemingly sided with the press, Piqué dropped his restraining order.

On the other hand, Chía was able to keep a 1,000-meter restraining order against Martin.

Martin talked to “El Gordo Y La Flaca” about his court appearance, and let’s just say he didn’t hold back. The deets are juicy, with the reporter claiming Chía “put on a show” and “cried” in court.

He described, “I went with my lawyers, Clara and Piqué were also accompanied by their lawyers. I was surprised by the strict security measures they asked for.”

Martin alleged, “They put four police officers on me, to avoid physical contact with [Piqué].”

“Piqué and Clara decided not to see me,” he said. “They were in a separate room where they testified… They would go out into a hallway and then put me in the room.”

He continued, “Clara Chía put on a show at court. She cried, said she was getting dizzy, and that she is a victim of everything.”

“[Chía] said she has changed her habits. That she can’t go to restaurants anymore, and that her mom has to bring her a Tupperware with food.” Maybe the couple can now do promo for Casio, Twingo, and Tupperware?

Martin alleges the judge asked him, “Do you think that [Chía] is using you to attack the other side?” pointing to Shakira. He responded, “Claramente, yes.” Okay, he went there.

Martin also said that Chía cited mental health issues when talking about the paparazzi

Martin told “El Gordo Y La Flaca” that Chía pointed to issues with her mental health when talking about the paparazzi’s effect on her life.

However, as per the reporter, Chía was told in court: “Ms. Clara Chía, your psychiatric issues aren’t derived from Mr. Jordi Martin. We will not give validity to this psychiatric report because you have not brought the psychiatrist to testify.”

Of course, it’s important to note that Martin is the person being sued here — but his statements still give us a lot to think about.

Still, as per Martin, the court defended “freedom of expression and freedom of the press at all times.”

He also said that Chía explained, “I have a phobia of the press. I have a phobia of media appearances.” To that, lawyers pointed to Piqué posting a photo of both of them to his 22.7 million followers.

Martin said Chía “contradicted” herself, saying “she says she has psychological issues since September of last year.” However, Martin first took photos of them in August 2022, questioning how quickly her “anxiety crises” and “phobia” began.

Martin also took a shot at Piqué in the interview, telling the soccer star to “mature.”

Meanwhile, here is Shakira steering clear of Barcelona at the airport — and claramente, we love that for her: