In Paris, a city known as the symbol of love, the stage was set for the grand finale of Rosalía’s Motomami world tour. 

The talented Catalan artist had embarked on a whirlwind tour since the album’s release that launched her to international fame. However, unbeknownst to the world, this tour was not the only thing coming to an end in Rosalía’s life.

As the concert neared its climax, Rosalía sat at the piano, ready to pour her heart out through her music. 

But little did the audience know that her heart was already broken. 

Hours after the show, news broke that her relationship with Rauw Alejandro had come to an end after three years together and an engagement.

For Rosalia, the city of love became the city of heartbreak

The pain Rosalia felt was evident in her eyes, and as she began to play her iconic song “Hentai,” tears streamed down her cheeks.

Fans in the venue and on social media were in shock, wondering what was wrong with her. 

The Spanish artist’s non-verbal language reflected a profound loss. She was devastated and made no effort to hide it. She wrote the song inspired by her until then ex. In fact, Rauw had said that “Hentai” was his favorite of Rosalia’s songs.

While that performance was sad, it was nothing like watching her perform “Beso.” She co-wrote the song with Rauw and was the lead single from “RR,” the EP they released together earlier this year. The former couple chose the video for that song to announce to the world their engagement.

The emotional concert in Paris became a symbol of love and loss, as Rosalia allowed her fans to share her vulnerability. 

Through tears and pain, she continued to perform bravely, drawing strength from the support of her devoted audience. Her connection with fans was palpable as they sang along with her, providing comfort and solace during this challenging time.

And then came the news of the breakup

Days before the official announcement, Rosalía had shared a photo on her social media, her eyes swollen from crying. 

Little did her followers know that she was already experiencing the pain of the impending breakup. 

The displays of affection and messages of support from her fans resembled the healing process that Shakira had gone through a year earlier with Piqué.

As the news spread like wildfire, Rosalía’s fans worldwide sent their virtual hugs and best wishes to the heartbroken artist. Her concert in Paris was a testament to the power of music to heal and unite people of different cultures and backgrounds.

Fans also shared their shock

The couple had seemed inseparable, and their love had been openly celebrated. Obviously, behind closed doors, a different story was unfolding.

Speculation arose that Rauw Alejandro had been unfaithful with Colombian model Valeria Duque, but there are no official statements by any of the parties involved.

The news of the breakup was an exclusive in People magazine. Sources close to the former couple confirmed to mitú that Rosalía’s team made it known. Neither she nor Rauw have said anything directly, and no one expects them to break their silence.

However, an expression often says more than a thousand words. Before leaving Paris, Rosalia met with fans who said she looked thin and very sad.

Meanwhile, Rauw Alejandro attended Lionel Messi’s second game with Inter Miami last night. He looked upset and very serious.