This year’s Latin GRAMMYS made an unexpected splash with their nominations, highlighting a remarkable Mexican-American songwriter, musician and producer. Edgar Barrera, the 33-year-old maestro, is vying for a staggering 13 awards, having collaborated with diverse giants like Bad Bunny, Christian Nodal, Marc Anthony, Grupo Frontera, and Camilo.

Although his face will mostly go unrecognized on the street for being a more behind-the-scenes guy, his contributions to Latino music are undoubtedly colossal.

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When tracks like Camilo and Evaluna’s “Indigo,” or Christian Nodal’s “Dime como quieres,” play, one cannot help but feel his creative force. Among his songs nominated this year are Camilo’s “Alaska” and Maluma and Marc Anthony’s “La Formula”.

Growing up on the border between the United States and Mexico, Barrera claims his blended cultural background as an inspiration for art.

“I believe that’s partly why my songs resonate with artists and the public, he told mitú.” I understand what it’s like to adapt to both sides.”

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Barrera grew up on the U.S.-Mexico border, something that resonates in his music today

Hailing from McAllen, but with roots firmly planted in Mexico, Barrera embodies the blend of the two cultures. It’s a duality he’s always been proud of and has put into his music. Reflecting his bicultural identity, he named his record label “BorderKid Records.

A self-taught prodigy, Barrera’s journey began at 15 when he picked up a guitar. His maiden rendition? ABBA’s “Chiquitita.” With a passion for ballads and Mexican tunes, he’s always held melody and lyrics close to his heart, a hallmark of his work. His first significant collaboration was with Nodal.

“We grew professionally together,” Nodal said when talking about Barrera.

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Barrera has penned top-charting hits such as “un X100to” by Bad Bunny and Grupo Frontera

The limelight of the stage never enticed Barrera. “I don’t have the look, the disposition, or the desire,” he once admitted.

Regarding his plethora of awards, which includes eight Latin GRAMMYS and one GRAMMY, he quipped, “I used to give them all to my mom, but they outgrew her space. So, I had to set up an office.”

Barrera is credited as a foundational architect in the current success of Mexican music. He has been the bridge connecting pop artists with regional music legends.

This is evident in tracks like Camilo’s “Tuyo y Mío” with Los Dos Carnales, and Maluma’s “100 Años” with Carlos Rivera. Perhaps his crowning achievement was the global sensation “un X100to” by Grupo Frontera and Bad Bunny, the first regional Mexican track to top worldwide charts.

Making music that transcends generations

The Latin GRAMMY nominations underscore not just Barrera’s talent but his versatility. His nominations sweep the musical spectrum from bachata to cumbia, merengue to salsa and ranchera to pop.

Titles like “Producer of the Year,” “Composer of The Year,” and nominations for songs like Camilo’s “Ambulancia,” and Manuel Turizo’s “El Merengue,” speak to a career that is both prolific and impactful.

As the world eagerly expects the Latin GRAMMYs ceremony in Sevilla, Spain on November 16, Barrera is up for 13 nominations. Here’s the lineup of his nominations this year:

Producer of the Year, Songwriter of the Year; Record of the Year for “La Formula” alongside Maluma & Marc Anthony; Album of the Year for “De Adentro Pa Afuera” with Camilo; Song of the Year for “NASA” with Camilo & Alejandro Sanz; and “un X100to” Edgar Barrera, with Grupo Frontera ft. Bad Bunny; and Best Pop Song for “5:24.”

Even more? He has three nominations for Best Tropical Song as a songwriter, including “Ambulancia,” “El Merengue,” and “La Fórmula.” Plus, three nominations for Best Regional Song with “Alaska,” “La Siguiente,” and “Un X100to.”