Aside from Karol G’s apparent kindness, her songs are considered empowerment anthems by her scores of fans across the world. For Karol’s Mexican American fan Doriam Romero, the Colombian singer is “a light” in her world.

Romero tells mitú, “[I am inspired by] her work ethic. People know her now, maybe one, two years — but she’s been at this for like 15 years. Osea, que no se dio por vencida. She kept going. She created a movement with a song that crossed borders. Bichota is a movement about women’s empowerment. She’s inspired me to keep working.”

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This immense love for Karol is perhaps why, by the end of 2023, Romero will have attended 35 of the singer’s concerts.

Ay, DiOs Mío! Here’s how it all started

Romero cites that her love for Karol first blossomed around 2018 when the singer started popping up on playlists. 

“So like by 2018, I would see her on playlists; like ‘Pineapple’ and that song with Bad Bunny [‘Ahora Me Llama’]. But I never was like, ‘Let me listen to Karol G,’” the 26-year-old film publicist begins.

The true turning point for her? Karol’s hit album “Ocean.” 

“It wasn’t until the album ‘Ocean’ came out when I would play that album on repeat. And because I loved it, I was like, ‘Let me listen to her old stuff.’ So I started listening to ‘Unstoppable’  and ‘A Ella.’ I was like, ‘Oh, my God.’ That’s a jam. To this day, that’s probably my favorite song,” Romero asserts.

At the time of the interview with mitú, Romero had 31 concert attendances. But that wasn’t her only exposure to the singer.

As a film publicist, the Coachella Valley native has been around her fair share of celebs. And, as fate would have it, she got to work with Karol during the release of “The Addams Family.” For that film, the Colombian singer collaborated with Snoop Dogg, Rock Mafia and Migos for their song “My Family.”

Due to her love of music, anytime Romero has a chance to merge her daily job with her love, she jumps at it. Her task was to create specialty digital content with Karol for the film. Like most people, she went down a digital rabbit hole of research. Something that added to her love for the artist.



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But, ever the professional, she kept her cool when it came time to work with the artist. Romero cites she wasn’t going to “tarnish” her career because she fangirl’d at a work event.

Time passed and Romero saw Karol at both Baja Beach Fest in 2021 followed by the Bichota tour — where things started to change.

This Bichota isn’t roncando because Karol G knows her

Romero recalls, “Then Bichota tour happened, and that’s when her sister started following me on Instagram. But, you know, I thought, I’m just another fan. She probably follows a lot of fans. There’s no way she’s showing Karol G, like, ‘This girl came again. Look, she’s here again.’”

The 26-year-old notes that she always carries a poster with her at the shows. For the final show of the Bichota Tour, Romero details that she created a poster that stated it was her 11th show. 

Karol’s, “Ahh, Doriam,” reaction took her by surprise because Romero hadn’t interacted with her since “The Addams Family” project. She further details that Karol had her bodyguard bring her backstage. This marked the first time she interacted with her idol as a fan.

“And she started telling her team all the shows I’ve been to — like off the top of her head. She was like, ‘She was at this show and this show.’ And I was like, ‘What?!’ I don’t even know that off the top of my head,” Romero exclaims. 

She also notes that the singer is “so humble” and had even asked her if she was hungry during their interaction. Karol offered her pizza, in case you’re wondering.

The final count of concerts attended will be at 35 by the end of 2023

Across four years, Romero has attended 31 concerts. By the end of 2023, that number will be at 35. She’s traveled to Mexico, Colombia and across the United States to bask in the light that Karol emits while on stage.

Two notable performances that Romero had the chance to witness? The first was when the Colombian singer brought out RBD’s Anahí to sing “Sálvame.” 

“It was crazy, and then for Anahí to say yes to Karol G. Like so many people have offered Anahí to come up. But that just goes to show how amazing Karol is as a person and with her music,” she points out.

The second was Karol’s history-making performance on the Today Show, which Karol’s team helped her get VIP tickets for.

Romero says that if she could thank Karol for something, it would be for the “avenue” her music provides her to “process” her feelings.

“Thank you for writing music from a woman’s point of view so we can all relate to and be able to heal. Like she’s a light in my world. [On] a bad day, [I] listen to her music. This last year has been weird, and ‘Mientras Me Curo del Cora,’ oof, I want to tattoo it right here,” she says signaling her forehead.