Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner’s latest date night may or may not have us in shambles right now.

The two possible lovebirds were spotted at the Drake concert at Kia Forum in Inglewood, California, last night. As fan videos show, Benito and Jenner were felices como dos lombrices — A.K.A. their body language is giving romance.

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Are these two in love? Well, after seeing videos of the two cuddling up all night while singing along to Drake, many fans believe so. See their admittedly cute moment here:


Drake concert Floor Seats & i turn to my left and all of a sudden #KendallJenner #BadBunny #kimKRdashian #itsablurTour #drakeTour

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In the viral TikTok video that shook the world, Benito and Kendall Jenner were being a bit too cute at the concert. As in, why are we almost on board with this now? As one TikTok user put it, “I know y’all mad but he looks soooo happy and I love that for him.” Another added, “Unpopular opinion but I like them together.”

However, another fan spoke for many when they wrote, “I’d have to the leave the concert from being SICK 😭.”

Still, the two were spotted singing “God’s Plan” to each other, cuddling, laughing, and being very couple-y. And yes, at some point, it really looked like they were making out. Here’s every angle of their possible relationship confirmation last night.

Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner danced to “God’s Plan” and seemingly kissed

As per Page Six, Benito and Jenner’s date night at the Drake concert included lots of PDA. That being said, they sort of had a chaperone — Jenner’s sister Kim Kardashian was next to them most of the night.

In fact, an onlooker told the outlet, the two were “making out while Kim [Kardashian] was right next to them.” Okay, then!

In a video posted by TikTok user @theitcoupie, you can see how Bad Bunny first tells Jenner a joke that makes her collapse for a second. As the TikToker put it, “I wonder what Bad Bunny whispered that had Kendall that weak.” What did he say?!

After Benito pulled up the model from the ground, they continued giggling, embracing, and dancing. And while their hands covered their faces, it seems like the two kissed throughout the concert.

Here is another longer video of that same moment, which shows show they keep whispering and laughing together. See it and weep, as they say:

Meanwhile, more videos focused on how the two were next to Kim K the whole night. One clip shows how the two clapped at Kardashian while she was also jamming to God’s Plan. In fact, at one point, Benito turns to Kardashian and they dance a bit together, too:

Is he officially part of the Kardashian familia now?

At one point, Benito, Jenner and Kim K were spotted at general admission

Even more videos show that Benito, Jenner and Kardashian all walked through general admission, sending fans into a frenzy:

One onlooker wrote on TikTok that it was the “best [general admission] ever,” showing how fans went crazy over the three stars in the crowd.

In the clip, you can see how the three are laughing, and by the end, Benito grabs Jenner by the waist and embraces her. Sigh. He keeps whispering into her ear (what are they always whispering about?!) and then they all leave GA. The end.

One other video of that same moment shows how it seems like Jenner’s idea to leave GA, and she actually pulls Benito by the hand. Yes, we’re doing the Lord’s work here:

In another video we’re pretty obsessed with, Kardashian is spotted snapping a photo of the would-be couple. We love to see a supportive sister! As one user put it, “Lol aww Kim is such a mom,” and where is the lie?

Here’s another video that shows a close-up of their photo pose, which includes Jenner holding up her drink. One user commented, “✨ She just using Bad Bunny to sell [her tequila brand] 818 😩” and… LOL:


Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner came to see Drake!!!! #drake #theforum #iaabtour

♬ original sound – Paola

As one TikTok user put it, “I don’t think it’s a joke anymore…😭 they genuinely look so in love.” And… we might have to agree here— they actually have chemistry.

Still, other people? “Whatever…I’ll see him for the breakup album 😩.”

What do you think about this possible couple?