It’s one thing to watch your friends make silly TikToks with their families. It’s another thing entirely to watch Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey do it. But that’s exactly what happened this week after the two mega-celebs collaborated on an adorable lip-sync TikTok video with their respective daughters, North West and Monroe.

Kim Kardashian and Mariah Carey say “It’s a Wrap”

Filmed in Kardashian’s Calabasas mansion, the short clip starts with North and Monroe singing along to Carey’s own hit, “It’s a Wrap.” Suddenly, Carey and Kardashian enter the frame before North and Monroe hastily push them away. What’s even funnier is TikTok has already been overflowing with “It’s a Wrap” videos.

Now, the voice behind the song is joining the fun.

It’s the kind of TikTok we’ve all seen a million times before, but there’s something about watching two people worth billions of dollars between them do it, too. North and Monroe even posted another TikTok the same day, sans parents.

In the other video, the dynamic duo recreates part of Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance to celebrate her 35th birthday. For that video, the two girls wrote the caption, “We love you @rihanna Happy Birthday xoxo Roe and North.”


We love you @rihanna Happy Birthday xoxo Roe and North

♬ Dry Me ah deserrrrt him – 𝐕

North West is blowing up on TikTok

The @kimandnorth TikTok page is in the news pretty regularly these days. Prior to this, North went viral online for her portrait of Bronx rapper Ice Spice. The rapper responded to the portrait on TMZ last week, calling North “so talented” while praising her pencil sketch.

In fact, the mother-daughter team posts lip-sync videos pretty regularly. All of them are absolutely adorable and North West looks like she’s just about the happiest kid on the planet. TikTok is constantly under fire for the way it encourages kids to do and say things they wouldn’t otherwise do, all for the clout.




It’s nice to see some wholesome content from one of the most famous families in the known universe.

Mariah also regularly posts TikToks with Monroe!

Kim and North aren’t the only lip-syncing family on TikTok. In fact, Mariah Carey also posts videos with her daughter Monroe on a regular basis.

There’s this one, of her proudly watching Monroe rehearse her vocals with “It’s a Wrap.”

Another one shows Monroe starring in her own fashion show:

And finally, a video of her and the kids celebrating Christmas Eve on a snowy vacation:


Merry Christmas Eve!! ❄️🎄🛷☃️

♬ original sound – Mariah Carey

This last week, however, Carey focused many of her TikToks on her 2009 song, “It’s a Wrap.” The song is blowing up right now as a TikTok challenge and Carey couldn’t be happier.

In addition to her own videos, she even thanked her fans in a video. “Thank YOU ALL for your creativity and your support in making IT’S A WRAP happen! Keep creating these amazing videos, I can’t get enough!”